Guest Column: EERNation


Yes, that title is correct. The woman on Twitter known as EERNation has been invited to submit a guest column to our site. At, we like to give WVU fans a voice that simply want one. Whether it’s a rejected Letter to the Editor to the Dominion Post, or one of our Twitter followers that simply want to have a say, we will give you the floor. If you want to submit a guest entry, shoot us an e-mail: and we’ll take it from there. However, please keep in mind we don’t give trolls a say.

Anyway, I must say that any and all guest columns may or may not reflect the views of and its team. I realize that she is a controversial fan, but, hey, controversy creates cash, right?

Hello Guys!

It is me Tina. Otherwise known as EERNation. Message Board infamous for my WVU to SEC prediction. Self proclaimed Queen of Twitter. 140 characters couldn’t hold me so I’m trying a Blog article.  Thanks to HailWV for giving me a forum. I know you guys can’t wait. Here we go.

From Saturday Sept  17 when the news broke that Pitt and Syracuse were moving to the ACC to yesterday’s festivities for the B12, I knew WVU was going to end up in a great conference. The B12 is a great conference.

During this period of realignment there were many ups and downs.  From market share to fanbase to U.S. Senators fighting it out on National TV. Through it all Mr. Clements and Mr. Luck worked long hours and every day to set WVU up for success. As fans we all owe these men our thanks and our faith in them in future endeavors.

As with all things The B12 will have it’s challenges. Chief among them is travel. For the student athletes and the fans. WVU Fans are known for traveling to away games. “A Six-pack and a Tank of gas” is the old saying. That isn’t going to get us far in the B12. Alumni associations and displaced West Virginians will have to take  up the slack. Keep “Let’s go! Mountaineers!” echoing throughout the Plains.

On the bright side we have a whole new conference of teams coming to Morgantown. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to welcome our B12 friends to Mountaineer Field. I was tired of a steady diet of Rutgers, Cincy and Louisville year after year.

Big East Basketball was great. I will miss that most of all. We can look forward to Coach Huggins going against his old friend Frank Martin. Can any Arena hold that much intensity.

So here we are. There are still some details to be worked out, but ready or not B12, here we come.

If there is anything Mountaineer fans need to remember never count WVU out until the clock hit zero. In the end West Virginia was too strong as a national brand to be left behind. Look out Big 12 we are going to “Bring on the Mountaineers”