Rejected Letters to the Editor: Dominion Post


Here at, we take a different approach to WVU sports. We don’t care if we piss people off… in fact, we have in the past and will continue to do so. We also give the regular fans a voice that they wouldn’t otherwise have through the traditional (read: cheerleader) media

One of our loyal readers sent a Letter to the Editor to the Dominion Post based out of Morgantown. The DP has taken shot after shot at both Athletic Director Oliver Luck and new Head Football Coach Dana Holgorsen.

As expected, the DP didn’t run his letter. But, we told him beforehand that if they didn’t run it, we will.

This is a new series, called “Rejected Letters to the Editor.” Did you send a Letter To The Editor of a newspaper pertaining to WVU sports that got rejected? Send it our way ( and we’ll feature it on the site.

Anyway, without further ado, our first rejected Letter to the Editor carries us into the weekend…

"Since the firing of Bill Stewart a month ago The Dominion Post has felt the need to vilify Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen almost daily with its editorials, anti-Oliver Luck Letters To The Editor and even going as far as having a fill in the bubble contest with a cartoon portraying Luck with his arm around Holgorsen. The only purpose this serves is to divide WVU fans even more than this already has and to pick at the scab of a wound that is doing its best to heal.I’m not sure why The Dominion Post and a select few feel the need to assail Luck or Coach Holgorsen. They aren’t the ones needing vilified, if anyone at all needs to be. I won’t go into the rumors about Bill Stewart and what he may or may not have done, but I will go on record as saying I have the upmost respect for former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter, Colin Dunlap and leave it at that. No, Luck isn’t to blame for this. This all goes back to that night in January, 2008 when we shocked the college football world by not beating, but stomping Oklahoma under the helm of an interim head coach. We all know how the Mountaineer Nation felt that night, the emotion and the vindication. The mistake was made that night when Ed Pastilong knocked on Bill Stewart’s hotel room door on the morning of January 3rd and hired him as the new WVU head coach. An emotional and impulsive hire at an emotional time. I like Bill Stewart as a person. Who doesn’t, he is a likable guy, but he wasn’t and he isn’t FBS head coaching material. Bill Stewart should have never been hired in the first place and that is where the problem started. In walks WVU alumnus Luck to clean up Pastilong’s mistake and the only mistake I see Luck making since his arrival here was being too nice by keeping Bill Stewart on during the coach in waiting experiment, which rarely works unless the outgoing coach is retiring. So if anyone is to blame for the hiring and thus firing of Bill Stewart it is Ed Pastilong not Oliver Luck."

"In Fred Miller’s July 6th Letter to the Editor Mr. Miller implies that Luck’s money motive is driving WVU fans away. If that is the case then those fans weren’t much fans in the first place. Probably the same ones that sit on their hands when we need noise in the 3rd quarter or the ones that yell sit down during the first down chant while sipping their hot chocolate thinking they are at an opera. Of course Luck wants to make money. What athletic department at any university doesn’t want to make money? That is what keeps other sports programs, that aren’t self supporting like the football program, going. The WVU football program is 24th most profitable sports program in college sports and we finished 40th in the Directors Cup. I might be greedy, but not only do I want to beat the LSUs and Alabama’s on the football field, but I want to beat them in profitability, the Director’s Cup and even in the non-athletic arenas like Rhodes Scholarships. I’m not satisfied with conference championships. I’m hungry for national championships. Not only in football, but basketball, soccer, volleyball and every other sport. I have faith that we can do this under Oliver Luck. We have lined up a near perfect storm with coaches like Holgorsen, Huggins, LeBlanc, Brown and so on to win championships. Change is good Mountaineer Nation. Without change you get left behind. That is true in the real world and in sports. It is time to quit the divisive feuding and move onto bigger and better things."