Fun with Yucky Chucky: TCU, Marshall, Coal Bowl


When we left last Yucky Chucky, he was bitching and complaining (as usual) about Oliver Luck HERE.

I think Landon secretly has a crush on Luck… I mean, all he does is talk about him, right!? Especially in this latest drivel-filled article he wrote for the Huntington Herald-Dispatch HERE. This time, Landon is mad that TCU joined the Big East, and Luck talked about a potential logistical nightmare scheduling Marshall could be, plus, I feel a need to stick up for our friends at WV Illustrated… without further ado…

Don’t let Oliver Luck push your buttons.
Who’s buttons, and where are they? My phone’s buttons?

That is precisely what West Virginia University’s loquacious athletic director is trying to accomplish.
Oh boy, here we go again…

By consistently spouting arrogant rhetoric laced with demeaning comments toward Marshall,
Did he call you guys Herdie-Terdies or Fat Humps?

Luck is hoping that the Herd universe et al along with Marshall officials will gnash their teeth, sneer with defiance and tell WVU and its football series to go straight to the opposite of “Almost Heaven.”
No, WVU really doesn’t need Marshall to tell them to take the Coal Bowl to hell… besides, Marshall has NO POWER in this state!

That would get Luck and the Mountaineers off the hook for a Marshall-WVU series extension.
And that’s why he keeps trying to jerk your chains.
Maybe YOUR chains, Chucky! “Off the hook!?”

The most recent attempt came on Tuesday in a story written by Geoff Coyle for The article was presented as a story about TCU joining the Big East Conference, but in actuality it was merely another thinly disguised attack on the series.
And it was a very well-written article, too! Those people at WVI really know what they’re doing. How could a TCU article be disguised as a Marshall beatdown!?

Oh, and of course it conveniently included a few well placed insults directed at Marshall.

“So what happens to a game like the Friends of Coal Bowl?” wrote Coyle. “If two non-conference games are stripped from the schedule, where does Marshall fit in the shake out? Luck says he has respect for the Thundering Herd, but the future of the now annual game is uncertain with the changes occurring in the Big East.”
He’s right, with TCU and potentially another team (Houston, UCF, ECU) hopping aboard the Big East train, it could create a logistical and scheduling nightmare for Oliver Luck… you have to play so many conference games… just ask Marshall!

Basically, Luck is trying to use Big East expansion as an excuse to play Marshall only once in a green moon.
Oh ha ha ha… green moon… wow, Chucky, you really ARE a Marshall homer through-and-through, aren’t you? Moron…

“The expansion of the Big East will make it a little more challenging (to schedule Marshall),”
Which is true

Luck was quoted. “Not impossible, but a little more challenging. It very well may be that we can only do a Marshall game every now and then as opposed to every year or four out of five years.”
Luck went on to say he wanted WVU’s non-conference schedule to continue featuring, “power teams out of some of the power conferences,” after playing a season-opener against a Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) opponent such as 2010’s Coastal Carolina.
Don’t most BCS conferences schedule a gimme at the beginning of the season, or in the SEC’s case, right in the middle of November? Wait, CUSA is NOT a BCS conference!!!

Then came the insult.

“Maybe every now and then we can replace a (Division) I-AA school with Marshall,” Luck told the web site, “but those are difficult questions that I’m not sure we’re in a position yet to answer because it’s really going to depend on how quickly we pick up the 10th team.”
Where’s the insult?
Angering, isn’t it?

Makes you want to shake your fist at Luck, doesn’t it?
Wow, that’s mature… stay classy, Marshall.

Conjures up satisfying thoughts of hiring a plane to fly a banner with a few well chosen words printed on it over Morgantown, huh?

Don’t do it.

Don’t succumb to Luck’s rhetoric.
Chucky, you’re the one spewing rhetoric… not Luck.

Instead, take a deep breath and peruse the conclusion of the forum that so graciously provided to Luck.
You dipshit, WVI is a pro-WVU forum… like you try to make your corner of the Herald-Dispatch.

“The future of the in-state clash is still in the works,” it read, “but with TCU and mystery member No. 10 taking up a spot on West Virginia’s schedule, it is a future in doubt.”
That is true.

What’s really in doubt is the success of Luck’s adolescent mind games. It’s no coincidence that Marshall athletic director Mike Hamrick hasn’t responded to any of his jabs.
ADOLESCENT mind games!? Chucky, you’ve surely lost your mind, pal… did that mullet you used to have do something to you back in the 90s? Sheesh.

Hamrick agreed not to negotiate the contract extension in the media and has kept his word even if Luck hasn’t. Marshall fans need to follow Hamrick’s lead because a 3-for-2 extension remains doable.
What good to Marshall fans do for ANYTHING except increase McDonald’s and Burger King’s bottom line???

Besides, what does it accomplish to respond in kind to Luck’s torrent of demeaning remarks?
DEMEANING!? Wow, Chuck, you are an idiot…

He wants us to react. He wants us to get emotional. He wants us to get mad as hell and take our ball and go home.
Well, Chucky, you seem to be doing the first two QUITE WELL. You’re the only one reacting. Aren’t you a Marshall columnist?

That is Luck’s ploy.
Actually, word has it that Luck has bigger goals for WVU Athletics… I don’t think “Annoying Chuck Landon” is on his list, even though Chucky thinks it’s Top of the List

Don’t fall for it.
Yeah, don’t fall for Chucky saying he’s a journalist. After all, he writes his columns in crayon.