Fun with Yucky Chucky: Confusion about Oliver Luck


When we last left Yucky Chucky, he was transcribing his pipe dreams about the “Coal Bowl” being extended. This time, he’s not too happy with Oliver Luck breathing! Did Oliver Luck say something true that made Yucky Chucky fudge his pantaloons? How about write crap for a crap paper? Without further ado, we respond to Chuck Landon… FJM-style! [HHD]

Chuck Landon: By dissing MU, WVU AD pressing his Luck

It’s difficult to get a handle on Oliver Luck as West Virginia University’s new athletic director.
Oh yeah, how is that? Did he say, “Don’t touch me?” when you tried to reach out for him?

A) Is he really that arrogant?

B) Is he really that presumptuous?
About what?

C) Is he really that undiplomatic?

So far, the answer as it pertains to Marshall University is: D) All of the above.
Well, Marshall doesn’t count because the school IS IN KENTUCKY!!!

Luck, for some inexplicable reason, has made a point of proving that in recent weeks.
So, what’s your point?

His comments as guest speaker for the Associated Builders and Contractors organization’s “Excellence in Construction” awards dinner on Oct. 27 at the Erickson Alumni Center in Morgantown are a prime example.
Oh, so this was in MORGANTOWN, WV; not Huntington, KY, right?

Luck obviously never stopped to consider a Marshall supporter might be attending the dinner when he reportedly labeled Marshall football as “irrelevant.”
And, why should he stop to consider a Marshall supporter being there?

When the Herd supporter, who is a member of a very well known family in Huntington, called Luck out on the “irrelevant” comment, WVU’s athletic director reportedly back-pedaled much as he used to do as a Mountaineer star quarterback.
Wow, Chucky, are you really being

a) Arrogant?

b) Presumptuous?

c) Undiplomatic?

or Because he went to and currently works at WVU, you’re being D) All of the above!

Luck qualified the insulting comment by saying he just meant Marshall was not in a BCS conference.
That’s true also… C-USA is NOT a BCS Conference.

When the Marshall fan pressed the issue, asking Luck when he was going to do the right thing and extend the Marshall-WVU football series, Luck offered an interesting reply.
Typical Marshall fans, turning a non WVU/MU event into something totally different…

He reportedly said a contract had been sitting on Marshall athletic director Mike Hamrick’s desk for four weeks.
REPORTEDLY, as in, “not 100% sure.”

Hamrick vehemently denied Luck’s claim.
Oh boy, here we go…

“I have no contract from WVU,” said Hamrick, declining further comment.

The puzzling part of Luck’s penchant for downgrading Marshall is he’s a very intelligent individual. Luck was a two-time Academic All-American (1980-81), who graduated magna cum laude from WVU in ’82.
Oh, so you’re trying to make up for trashing Luck now, Chucky?

Why, he even was a finalist to be a Rhodes Scholar.
Which is a lot farther than you’ll ever get, pal!

So, obviously, Luck is smart enough to know better. Yet, he continues to offer self-serving, disparaging commentary about Marshall.
Trust us, Chuck, he’s not the first, and he definitely won’t be the last… so quit your crying!

It also happened on Oct. 19 when Luck was the guest speaker for a joint meeting of the Rotary Club of Bluefield and Princeton at the Quality Hotel and Conference Center in Bluefield, W.Va.
Were you there for that one, too?

During his address, according to an article in the Bluefield Telegraph newspaper, Luck said, “We are the flagship university of the state. With all due respect to our friends in Huntington, we are the university that carries the hopes, the dreams and the images of West Virginia across the country.
See, Chuck, not only was Mr. Luck telling the truth… he did it diplomatically and with sincerity!

“When you put on that uniform, whether you are football player, baseball player, women’s soccer player or a gymnast, it doesn’t matter. You represent the people in the northern panhandle and all the way down to McDowell County.”
Which is very true… from Martinsburg to Matawan, from Welch to Weirton!

The flagship university? Really? Considering WVU’s football team has lost consecutive games, is tied for last in a weak Big East conference and faces sanctions for five major NCAA violations, it appears the rudder is broken.
and how’s Marshall doing in a very craptacular Conference USA, Landon? Dead last there, too?

Maybe that’s why Luck talks in circles.
No, Chuck, you just have two diseases: Selective hearing, and Rectal-Cranial disorder, ya jerk!

The bottom line is 81.1 percent of Marshall’s enrollment (11,171 of 13,779) are in-state students. But only 55.5 percent of WVU’s main campus student body (16,040 of 29,306) hail from W.Va.
WVU and Marshall are obviously different schools in terms of SIZE! The bigger the school, the more out-of-state students you’re going to get.

In fact, WVU’s current in-state totals actually dropped from 2009 by 182 students. Meanwhile, of Marshall’s 1,961 first-time freshmen, 1,443 were state residents (73.6 percent).
So, you’re comparing WVU in-state TOTALS to Marshall’s “first-time” freshman? Way to skew the numbers, Mr. Mathematician!

Again, flagship university? Neither the rhetoric nor the facts support that claim.
Actually, Chucky, you’re just spewing rhetoric. FACT: WVU is STILL the state’s Flagship University, and always will be. Marshall will be nothing more than a middle-of-the-pack, slapdick, below average school fielding below-average football and basketball teams!

Luck needs to be careful.
Yeah, because we all know that if you offend Yucky Chucky, it’s CURTAINS FOR US ALL!!!

A loose cannon has been known to sink a flagship.
Wow, what a lame-ass pun you used to end yet another awful piece of journalism you wrote! And, Chucky would love nothing more than to see WVU sink.