WVU women's basketball uniform reveal shows return to classic look, generates fan excitement

Kansas v West Virginia
Kansas v West Virginia / G Fiume/GettyImages

West Virginia women's basketball dropped a video revealing their uniforms for their upcoming home game against Baylor this Saturday -- and it has some Mountaineer faithful excited about the look.

The new uniform ditches the traditional blue-and-gold as the main jersey color in favor of black, which keeps up with a recent trend. Earlier this month, WVU football announced that they will debut an all-black uniform at the 2024 Spring Game before breaking them out for the season-opener against Penn State.

But it's not just the black jerseys that seem to have fans eager for the new look. The uniform top will also mark the return of a design format that hasn't been used by either WVU basketball team since 2019, when the athletic department partnered with the Nike Global Identity Group (GIG) for a revamp the WVU sports brand.

Instead of the recent designs with the state name stitched on a single line above the uniform number, the new women's basketball jersey will feature the classic 2010's WVU look with "West" and "Virginia" stitched on separate lines, with the uniform number sandwiched in-between.

Fans on social media Thursday night showed enthusiasm about the return to the old style, with many noting they thought the athletic department never should have abandoned the look in the first place. Of course, the design likely also invokes nostalgia for many, as the design was also the primary look for the WVU men's basketball program that made multiple Sweet 16 runs and one Final Four appearance in the 2010's. Some of the fan reactions to the switch can be found below.