Poll Results: Should West Virginia, Marshall schedule a home-and-home football series

Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Amongst football fans in The Mountain State, the topic of the in-state football rivalry between West Virginia and Marshall -- or lack thereof, depending on who you ask -- is a hotly debated topic. This week, the discussion saw another flare up across social media.

The rivalry is often painted as too one-sided (WVU leads 12-0 all-time) and a lose-lose scenario by WVU fans, though many members of both fan bases and neutral observers believe it to be a boon to both programs as well as the state of West Virginia as a whole.

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So earlier this week, we posed a question to fans on social media platform "X" -- would you like to see a renewal of the series between WVU and Marshall with a home-and-home scheduling agreement?

While the poll was neck-and-neck, in the end, those in favor of the rivalry taking place on such terms saw their side prevail. With 334 ballots cast, 56% of those who voted are in favor of the series returning.