Erik Stevenson on WVU fanbase: "We're everywhere."

WVU alumni Erik Stevenson controls the ball during a 2023 NBA Summer League matchup.
WVU alumni Erik Stevenson controls the ball during a 2023 NBA Summer League matchup. / Louis Grasse/GettyImages

Something that can often be overlooked is just how special -- and how widespread -- the West Virginia Mountaineer fanbase is.

In an era of college sports that is witnessing drastic change, television ratings and big brands dominate the discussion when it comes to conference realignment and the future of the NCAA. But while West Virginia may not be a profitable TV market, and it's flagship university may not hold the brand power that an Ohio State or Alabama does, it does have something going for it. And that's outstanding and undying loyalty and passion of one of the best fanbases in sports.

Former WVU guard Erik Stevenson, currently a member of the Austin Spurs of the NBA G-League, stopped by the West Virginia MetroNews 3 Guys Before The Game podcast this past week to discuss what the transition to professional basketball has been like.

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from Stevenson's professional experience are the encounters with passionate WVU fans all across the nation. Stevenson, who only spent one season suiting up for the blue-and-gold, seemed to find himself surprised at the amount of Mountaineer faithful that he runs into.

"We're everywhere," he told the hosts of 3 Guys Before The Game. "There will be random people, like we'll be in other gyms, and a janitor will be West Virginia tied, or a security guy in another gym, and I'll be like, how's it going," Stevenson said with a laugh.

And despite the fact that Stevenson now suits up and travels with basketball players from numerous different colleges, he imparted that many of his pro teammates don't have many similar encounters to Stevenson's constant run-ins with WVU fans.

"There is no other, like, I don't see any other colleges [like that]," he said.

While many fanbases amongst the college sports world are as passionate as it gets, it seems that those who root for WVU always seem to take it to an extra level. As podcast host and WVU radio commentator Tony Caridi mentions during the interview with Stevenson: once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.