Bob Huggins: "I wasn't a guy who had to drink, I was a social drinker."

The former WVU Head Basketball Coach sat down for an interview with KDKA in Pittsburgh, where he discussed his former drinking habits.

Alex Slitz/GettyImages

Bob Huggins, the former head coach of West Virginia men's basketball program who stepped down from his position following a DUI in Pittsburgh, Pa. last summer, claims he isn't drinking anymore. He also defended his former drinking habits, stating that "I wasn't a guy who had to drink."

Huggins' recent remarks come from a sit down interview with KDKA in Pittsburgh on Monday where he discusses his departure from the program and his life since the incident. In the interview, he denied a history of alcoholism.

"I wasn't a guy who came home and drank a fifth -- I was a social drinker," Huggins said during the interview.

When pressed if he consider himself an alcoholic "per se" by interviewer Bob Pompeani, Huggins implied that he didn't drink every day.

"I wasn't a guy who had to wake up in the morning and have a drink," Huggins said. "I wasn't a guy who had to have a drink before he went to bed...I think an alcoholic drinks every day, and I didn't drink every day. I couldn't drink every day and do what I did."

When pulled over for his DUI last June, the police report stated that there was a visible trash bag filled with empty beer cans in the front of Huggins' vehicle, and another was found in the trunk.