5 teams that would be remiss to pass on center Zach Frazier in the NFL Draft

Oct 23, 2021; Fort Worth, Texas, USA;  West Virginia Mountaineers offensive lineman Zach Frazier.
Oct 23, 2021; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers offensive lineman Zach Frazier. / Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Frazier may not be the top center entered into the 2024 NFL Draft but he is a solid unit and many teams in the league are in search of a starting frontman.

For the Mountaineers, Frazier was a standout offensive player and should unsurprisingly go on to a fantastic career in the NFL.

So, as Frazier waits to hear his name called during the seven rounds of this year’s draft, which teams would rue themselves for passing up on the former WVU star?

Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young showed moments of promise during the 2023 season but his lack of time in the pocket was a major issue for the Carolina Panthers.

If the Panthers can beef up their offensive line, the young quarterback would stand a much better chance with his offense.

Frazier would make an excellent addition to Carolina’s O-Line as the center for the squad.

Chicago Bears

Similarly to the Panthers, the Chicago Bears struggled to protect their quarterback last season.

The Bears need more power on the offensive line and at 310 pounds, Frazier would be a perfect fit. His large frame leads to unbelievable power off the snap and his quick hands have contributed to him becoming an elite center. 

Chicago would benefit greatly from picking up Frazier in the draft.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were so close to returning to greatness during the 2024 playoffs. However, the Boys and Dak Prescott fell just short of glory once again.

If the Cowboys could better protect Prescott in the pocket and he was forced to scramble less often, Dallas would stand a chance in the postseason.

Frazier could be the man to lead the Cowboys back to a Super Bowl if Dallas would simply give him a chance.

LA Chargers

Justin Herbert has got to be tired of scrambling in an attempt to carry the Chargers to victory.

As new head coach Jim Harbaugh razes and rebuilds LA's roster, Frazier would make an excellent choice for the team's starting center.

Frazier is excellent at holding the offensive wall in place and could protect Herbert to allowed the Chargers' quarterback a chance at an aerial assault.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have long needed a steady center to sure up the offensive line and protect, whichever, quarterback is taking the snaps.

As Russell Wilson and Justin Fields fight for the starting role, with the needle leaning towards Wilson's direction, a powerful center would make their lives significantly easier.

Frazier on the frontline ahead of Wilson or Fields would give them the time to make a better passing choice as well as an excellent opportunity for a quarterback-keep.

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