WVU Football: Social Media Monday

WVU Football fans – how was your Monday morning water cooler hot-take?   Your HailWV team scoured social media for the Twitter-fits you deserve. 

Social Media. Nothing quite captures the visceral moment of pure agony or happiness like Social Media does. With just a few characters, people can communicate what they’re feeling, instantaneously. This can be either a good or bad thing depending upon how it’s utilized. In the age that we’re living in, instant reactions or “hot-takes” can be viewed as rash, after the emotion of the event wears off. That being said, there is entertainment value to be had from the collective experience, of the human race. And…aren’t we all here to be entertained?

WVU Barstool

There were a few tweets at this site that displayed the emotions that Mountaineer Nation was feeling on Saturday. Here’s one that stood out to me.

So, which panic button should be pushed? Well, to be bluntly honest, this is a rebuilding season with a brand new coaching staff and a young cadre of players. Whether you like it or not, West Virginia Football is undergoing a “process.” Neal Brown has stated this over and over again. With this in mind, if you’re going to be in panic mode -resign yourself to being in panic mode the whole season.


The HailWV team – small but mighty that it is, tweeted throughout the Mizzou contest. Here’s a tweet that received numerous reactions.

As the season wears on, fan(s) that call for coaching staff heads to roll may indeed become more vocal. As some fans have stated when they reacted to this tweet, the coach hasn’t even had time to get in a full recruiting class of his own players. Folks, how patient do you think you need to be? How many seasons will it take to turn this program around? Take some time to reflect on this. Everybody loves a winner. Coach Brown has a proven track record. He and his staff will climb the mountain. It’ll be even more fruitful if you’re there for the whole journey.

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Gold and Blue Zone

The following tweet perfectly describes the situation that West Virginia Mountaineer Football finds itself in.

At least there’s chopped tomatoes.


I have to add this one. It’s priceless.

Social Media Monday

Mountaineer fans, please let us know if you enjoyed this article. We’ve provided you with three uh-er FOUR examples of how people use social media to communicate the human experience. Don’t forget that tomorrow, Coach Brown has his Tuesday Press Conference. We’ll write-up the pertinent details and bring it to you, “Hot off the press!” Oh wait…wrong era. Are bits and bytes hot? Until next time, #HailWV!