Trevon Wesco finally hears named called for WVU football

Trevon Wesco has been a tight end for the WVU football team for the past two years. Many fans probably don’t know that because most game he won’t get his named called over the public address system.

He heard his name against Oklahoma, though, with one catch for one yard. It wasn’t much considering the WVU football team lost to the Sooners, 51-39. But the play showed that a tight end can still figure into the Mountaineers’ offensive plans.

Wesco had a touchdown reception last season, coming on a six-yard pass against Iowa State. He didn’t come through like that this season, but it wasn’t as if Wesco was completely out of the picture. He played on most downs in all but one game.

Wesco served as a major blocker on this year’s WVU football team. Like and extra offensive lineman, Wesco moved the pile when he needed to and helped his skill guys push for more yards. His efforts did not go unnoticed and he was part of some big plays, both rushing and passing.

Even though he didn’t always appear on the stat sheet, Wesco was still out there helping the offense. The offense had good streaks and bad streaks, which could be a result of first-year offensive coordinator Jake Spavital still finding his footing in this new role for the WVU football team. In an Daily Athenaeum article, Spavital admits he hadn’t forgotten about Wesco. In fact, the DA quotes him as saying he is working Wesco hard in practice.

“He’s getting coached hard. He accepts it. He goes out there and he keeps aware on the sidelines so when we get into these tight end sets, he comes running in and knows that he may be there for one snap, he may be there for 10 snaps. He’s ready for the occasion so very pleased with where he’s at.”

Maybe next year Wesco will catch more passes as the offense develops and there shouldn’t be too many losses to players leaving, if Will Grier and David Sills stay put. It was backup Chris Chugunov, however, who got the ball to Wesco. Maybe since Chugunov will be playing in the bowl game, Wesco will be more of a target.

Wesco is a unique player for the WVU football team because he hails from the state of West Virginia and also played at Lackawanna Community College, which seems to be a direct pipeline for future Mountaineers.

There are a lot of “what ifs” associated with this year’s WVU football team. If Trevon Wesco caught more passes what could have happened in a few of those losses?