Texas linebacker disses West Virginia football fans

MORGANTOWN, WV - SEPTEMBER 03: Skyler Howard /

West Virginia fans are a passionate bunch. All of Mountaineer Nation loves to support the football team.

Some may take it too far, but what fanbase doesn’t? The Mountaineers give the residents of West Virginia something to cheer for each time they take the field. After wins, it’s even more special because of the singing of Country Roads.

The last time the Texas Longhorns came to Morgantown, they left with a 38-20 defeat. Of course, Country Roads played as the fans in the stands swayed and sang along with John Denver.

Texas linebacker Breckyn Hager remembers that moment. He actually can’t forget it, although some of his memories may be a bit foggy. Hager seems to embellish this moment. He took it too far when he said, “”It’s a bunch of hillbillies drinking moonshine,” according to 247sports.com.

"The site also has Hager saying, “I remember it all. I remember looking up seeing someone with no teeth singing (Country Roads). I remember I was all mad, about to cry, trying to block all of that stuff out and get to the locker room.“No, I’m ready though. We’re ready to get after them. It will be a fun game.”"

Maybe West Virginia is an easy target. There’s been many jokes and insults thrown as West Virginia and the fans of the university and residents of the Mountain State.

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Sometimes, it goes too far. Hager took it too far by generalizing the West Virginia fanbase. He probably didn’t see anybody drinking moonshine. He probably didn’t see any toothless fans. If Hager is spending that much time focusing on the stands and not on the game, he doesn’t sound like the type of player you’d want on your team.

If he wanted to say that Milan Puskar Stadium is a tough place to play, that’s one thing. But to say the West Virginia fanbase is nothing but a bunch of hillbillies is just wrong.

Hager is from Austin, Texas so it might be safe to assume he doesn’t leave his hometown all that often. He probably never came to West Virginia before Texas played a game in Morgantown. But, he probably heard many of the false stereotypes that haunt the Mountain State.

His opinion may not change of West Virginia when the Longhorns come to town this weekend, but WVU fans should catch him off guard. Instead of “drinking moonshine” and shouting insults, WVU fans should clap for Hager and offer him sarcastic compliments.

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Even the toothless hillbilly he “saw” two years ago should be on his best behavior. Hager won’t know what hit him.