Will Grier loses Pardon My Take honor to a dog


Pardon My Take is the widely popular sports podcast presented by Barstool Sports. West Virginia quarterback Will Grier found his way into the discussion in the Sept. 18 episode.

Will Grier was nominated by podcast hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter as a Football Guy of the Week. What’s a Football Guy? Well, Big Cat and PFT refer to themselves as Football Guy’s guys, so they have the best definition for a Football Guy.

It’s someone who embodies all aspects of the game of football on and off the field. Tough, gritty and even unconventional are ways to describe a Football Guy.

Will Grier was nominated for this honor after his wife tweeted about him dreaming about calling plays in his sleep the night before the Mountaineers’ game against Delaware State.

Those dreams paid off because West Virginia had its highest scoring output of the young season with 59 points against the Hornets. Will Grier turned in another solid performance with 19 completions for 304 yards and three touchdowns.

The dreaming part makes Will Grier a Football Guy. Thinking about football 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even with a wife and toddler at home, shows that the game never takes a backseat. Even working his wife into the equation, by sleeping next to her while talking about football, shows he is a down-home Football Guy.

All that, though, and it wasn’t enough for Will Grier to earn the title of Football Guy of the Week. Instead, the honor went to a dog. Yes, a dog.

Call it Football Dog of the Week, which is exactly what Pardon My Take did.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Kohl the dog fetches the tee after kickoffs at Boise State’s blue turfed stadium. It’s a unique promotion that has obviously drawn national attention. The dog is disciplined and well-behaved when out on the field in front of thousands of fans.

The dog ran away with 60 percent of the vote. The other nominees for football guy of the week, along with Will Grier, also had a Big 12 flair. Bill Snyder, head coach of Kansas State, and Matt Rhule, head coach of Baylor, also were nominated.

Will Grier came in second place with 20 percent, while Snyder and Rhule each garnered 10 percent. So, Grier could be the de facto Football Guy because Kohl is a dog, not a real guy.

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He’s a good boy, though. It’s hard to argue with that. Everybody loves a nice dog, especially the hosts from Pardon My Take. As much as they are Footbal Guy’s guy, they are also Football Dog’s guys. Maybe next time, Will Grier.