Adam Shuler must stay healthy for WVU football team

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 21: Defensive lineman Eric Kinsey
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 21: Defensive lineman Eric Kinsey /

Adam Shuler is one of the strongest players for the WVU football team. He just has to stay healthy in 2017 to reach his full potential.

Shuler is 270-some pounds and stands at a whopping 6-foot-4. He used his size and strength to become one of the top discus throwers in the state of Florida. The Orlando Sentinel even named him the top track and field athlete a couple of years ago.

Shuler couldn’t throw the discus in college, simply because the West Virginia athletic department does not have a men’s track team. That meant that Shuler had to focus all of his time and talent on the gridiron.

Shuler played in 12 games last season as a redshirt freshman. He is the only returner on the defensive line with that kind of experience. He will undoubtedly be named the starter on the left side of the line.

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He is still a work in progress, though. Shuler must do everything in his power to remain healthy. He had several injuries in high school, despite his throwing success. He can’t afford to get hurt this season with the WVU football team because of his leadership role and experience.

Shuler has been working on many things this fall camp with veteran assistant coach Bruce Tall.

“I did a lot of bull rushing last year and I need to use my hands more with finishing moves and that’s what I am working on,” Shuler told “It’s not just the first move, but the counter move.”

It’s a good sign that Shuler knows what is expected of him. He knows his role and he accepts the fact that there will be a lot asked of him this season. Just think of what he can do in the future, too. That big body of his will only get bigger and stronger.

By the time he is a senior, Shuler could be one of the top defensive line draft prospects in the Big 12. There is a lot riding on him this season.

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The Mountaineers will be facing some great playmakers on the offensive side of the ball this season. It will be Shuler’s job, as well as the rest of the defense, to shut them down as much as possible.