WVU Former Record Holder Not In Hall of Fame?


There has been something that has been bothering me as of late about WVU Football, but it has nothing to do with the current program. This problem goes all the way back to the 1950’s. 

There is a former record holder at WVU, who hasn’t been put into the WVU Hall of Fame, and the record was held for over 30 years. Ralph Anastasio, who held the the punting record for 37 years, isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

The punt managed to go 78 yards in the air! It didn’t bounce, it didn’t skip, and was on natural grass. His record ws held for 37 years, until broken by Todd Sauerbrun, who managed a 90 yard punt. This record should have a astric by it. His punt hit the new astro turff and bounced 90 yards, when Anastasio’s was in the air

This comes as a great shock to not only me, but everyone from his hometown of Follansbee WV. Anastasio didn’t just hold the punting duties, he also help in the running game, the offensive line, and at defensive back. This made him a three way player.

Back in those days, I get it wasn’t uncommon for the stand out athletes to play both ways, but to also hold duties on special teams as well, that’s a major accomplishment.

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To make matters even worse, Anastasio was really under sized, or so he thought he was. When the coach came to recruit him, that is what he told the coach, that he wouldn’t be able to run with his 5-foot-11 165 pound frame.

Anastasio loved playing for WVU, and as odd as it may seem, the record punt isn’t what sticks out in his mind. It was an upset win of rival Syarcus.

Anastasio has been on record saying “When Jim Brown came to town, everybody was tied up in him. That guy was an all-time great running back.”

I don’t know how with all of these marks and records and outstanding work on all three sides of the ball, only brings up one question. How is this man not in the WVU Hall of Fame?