Dana Holgorsen is a no-nonsense leader


Dana Holgorsen wasted no time dismissing Larry Jefferson from the WVU football team. He has shown true marks of being a leader.

Holgorsen’s coaching style and personality may not mesh well with some supporters of the Mountaineers, but his leadership skills should not be questioned.

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When defensive lineman Larry Jefferson was arrested earlier in the week, Holgorsen did not even release a statement. He didn’t mess around because Jefferson was immediately kicked off the team. He was already suspended for spring activities, so his second (or third) strike in Holgorsen’s eyes was more than enough.

Holgorsen may not run the tightest of ships, but he certainly has control of his program.

Jefferson was one of a handful of WVU football players who were suspended in the spring. That included kicker Josh Lambert, who was recently named to the Lou Groza Watch List, despite being suspended for three games during the 2016 season.

Holgorsen is able to hand down proper discipline when necessary. He has already had to go to extremes in booting Donte Thomas-Williams off the team earlier this offseason.

The decision to get rid of Thomas-Williams may have been tougher than the recent exploitation of Jefferson. Thomas-Williams could have been the next great running back for the Mountaineers. He came to Morgantown as a four-star rated recruit and the No. 12 rated running back in the country.

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Thomas-Williams was released for a “violation of team rules.” That certainly seems like a lighter case than a drug arrest, which is what happened with Jefferson. Still, it’s up to Holgorsen to police what’s wrong and no player breaking the rules should get off freely when under the student-athlete contract at West Virginia.

It’s up to Holgorsen and his coaching staff to hold the players responsible for their actions. Players need to realize how fortunate they are to be playing college football at one of the most historic programs in the country. Holgorsen did his part in offering these guys scholarships to come play and attend school at WVU, it’s up to them to hold up their end of the bargain.

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With going away to college, and receiving a lofty scholarship, comes enhanced freedom and popularity. The attention can get to a young guy’s head and grow their ego.

Holgrosen, who has been known to have a big ego, himself, is able to assert himself in certain situations so he can command respect from his players. Holgorsen is still searching for the right results on the field, but he has won favor off the field with university leaders, including President Gordon Gee and new Athletic Director Shane Lyons.

Holgorsen was offered a contract extension a few months ago, but turned it down. So, Holgorsen has done enough to prove himself worthy of more time at West Virginia. By turning it down, Holgorsen is likely saying he wants to establish 2016 as a make-or-break season. A solid record will garner a better contract than he was offered a few months ago.

Holgorsen has shown he can lead off the field, he’ll need to prove himself more on the field if he wants to remain at West Virginia.