The return of Bob Huggins Fantasy Camp


It’s a big week in Morgantown, as it’s the return of the always famous Bob Huggins Fantasy camp. 

Every year Bob Huggins has his fantasy camp, where he brings back alumni from all eras of WVU basketball. This event is meant for these players to go back to Morgantown and meet their fans, and get a chance to coach a little basketball in the practice facility.

This years standouts are as follows: John Flowers, Bob Smith, Juwan Staten, Wellington Smith, Meg Bulger, Kate Bulger, Seldon Jefferson and Jay Jacobs. These are all standouts, in their respected years at WVU, and all have been hand-picked by Huggins to come back for this event.

Most are very honored to be back on campus and back to their old stomping grounds, the hard wood at WVU.

For greats like Smith, who is in the WVU Hall of Fame, it’s a great opportunity to get back to a place where he hasn’t been since 2009 when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. For someone who resides in Florida now, he was eager to get back and talk to the new players and see where they are at.

Smith follows the Big 12 conference closely, he feels like he knows all the players but the facility is what did it in for him. They didn’t have the type of facility that they have today when he played ball at WVU, and loves what it has done for the school.

Smith is honored that he was asked back, and is glad that Huggins has this fantasy camp because it’s good for all of college basketball to give former players a chance to come back to where they use to dominate the hard wood.

For players like John Flowers what he enjoys most about the camp, is hearing all the stories from the players of old. He finds it fascinating how basketball has changed over the years, not for the better or for the worst.

Flowers likes to get the word out with every form he can, weather that be through texting the players, emails, phone calls, you name it hes tried it. He’s even going as far as having a radio broadcast at a bar the Friday before the game.

It’s a chance for them to sit down with these greats and really let everyone know how they feel about the camp, and how it feels to be back in Morgantown.