Devin Williams may not leave WVU basketball team


Devin Williams gone already? Not so fast.

West Virginia’s big man announced his intentions to enter the NBA Draft on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, WVU head coach Bob Huggins said that may not end up being the case.

Although the statement released by both Huggins and Williams through the West Virginia athletic program seemed fairly definitive that Williams had played his last game with the Mountaineers, things could change.

Williams has not yet hired an agent and he may not be selected to the combine in May.

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The grand majority of WVU basketball fans and national basketball analysts did not see Williams’ decision as a surprise, but there were concerns on if his NBA dreams would fully be realized.

There’s no doubt that Williams will be playing professional basketball, here or abroad. But is that payday going to happen right away?

Huggins says maybe not.

Talking with WV Metronews, Huggins said Williams leaving WVU is not a done deal.

"“As of (Tuesday) morning, he told me he was not going to hire an agent,” Huggins said. “Do I think it’s a done deal? No.“Why wouldn’t you let the process take its course, find out where you are, and then make an intelligent decision? Tell me what an agent’s going to do for anybody. You need an agent after you figure if you’re going to go.”"

It sure is a different tone, from the man himself, than it was in the release by the school. Williams’ status is now more of a “testing the waters” situation than gone for good.

As Sam Vecenie suggested, Williams may have to hire an agent to negotiate his way into the combine, then worry about his NBA chances after a strong showing there.

He will get some guidance about what to do, and then make his decision from there.

The consensus on Tuesday was that Williams was better suited playing overseas, anyway.

There, he would get a sizable paycheck and he would be able to support his family, which is his No. 1 goal with the game of basketball.

What’s even more interesting about this Williams saga is that, not too long ago, he told reporters that he would return for his senior season.

His word would, ultimately, prove to be true, but no one can fault him for doing what is best in his life.

West Virginia would love to have Williams back, but Mountaineer Nation will support him wherever he goes.