West Virginia Basketball: Kevin Noreen Thanks Fans


West Virginia senior Kevin Noreen sent out a special letter to Mountaineer fans just days ago.

Noreen, who did not see any action in this past season due to an injury finished his collegiate with 226 points, 29 blocks, and 298 rebounds. Noreen or “Big Sweat,” was one of the main forwards for head coach Bob Huggins over the last three seasons.

His letter reads:

"Dear Mountaineer Fans,After a whirlwind spring tour around the country, and weighing dozens of schools offering scholarships, my last visit was to West Virginia University on June 28, 2010. Impressed with my first glimpses of the campus and the state, I was sold on how special West Virginia really is after conferring with Coach Huggs and Athletic Director, Oliver Luck – who took the time to talk with me, even though he hadn’t even officially begun his duties. It didn’t take me long to sign with the West Virginia basketball team and began summer school soon after. I remember asking Huggs, if he thought I could play here. He said, “Idon’t know. That’s on you. But the opportunity is there if you work for it.” True to his word, nothing was given – except opportunities to succeed. From the first day, it was evident that this program prided itself on toughness and hard work. Early on, Joe Mazzulla shared with me,“It takes a certain kind of person to play here.”I learned quickly that there were not going to be many easy days as a member of the Mountaineer program. But this is Huggs’ way and he is committed to instilling in us the work ethic that emulates that of the people of West Virginia. You learn quickly how important the Mountaineers are to West Virginia and you take it upon yourself to prepare and play as hard as you can to represent them and not let them down. It is also from this crucible that an 18-year-old kid can become a man. This is Huggs’ best attribute. He is much more than a coach; he is a teacher, he is a father, and he is a maker of men.I have learned from my time here that all the accolades and the triumphs over rivals like Virginia Tech, Marshall, and Kansas are great and feelings we can all revel in, only to fade away, all too soon. But longer lasting memories linger and ultimately endure. Mountaineer fans notice and then remember how you conduct yourself, the effort you give, and how you make them feel. I hope that I made you all proud with my conduct and effort. Thank you for allowing me to wear the jersey and represent our great state. You have helped me become the man that I am today. Thank you for your never-ending support, even through all the injuries and surgeries. I can sincerely say, to paraphrase Joe Mazzulla’s advice to me –“It takes a certain type of person to live here.”West Virginians are the best people in the world. Thank you for accepting me into the “family” and allowing me to call West Virginia my home. Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer– Kevin Noreen -#34- Big Sweat"