Joe DeForest Allegations in Depth (Part 1)


West Virginia Associate head coach/special teams coordinator Joe DeForest is pictured on the sidelines before the start of an NCAA college football game against Oklahoma in Norman, Okla., Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Everyone knows by now that WVU assistant coach Joe DeForest allegations have been reported by Sports Illustrated through their 10 month investigation. The West Virginia Mountaineers have began an internal investigation as well as made contact with the NCAA about several questionable actions by Joe DeForest. Some of these include a bonus program for players, obtaining payments from boosters and arrangements for no-show jobs while he was in Stillwater with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. DeForest denies these allegations and has not spoken to the press about the matter. Investigations are on-going at this time.

For the bonus program, Joe DeForest allegedly paid defensive tackle Brad Girtman $50 for QB hurries, $75 – $100 for tackles and $200 – $250 for sacks. Girtman has stated that he was paid on the low end compared to some of his teammates. Girtman violated team rules later and was released from the team by coach Mike Gundy.

Linebacker/Defensive End Rodrick Johnson has stated that Joe DeForest openly discussed with players payments of up to $500 for big plays. Cornerback/Wide Receiver Chris Wright has said that he personally saw DeForest hand stacks of money to some of his teammates. Wright says he never took any money.

"“It depends on who the player was, how many yards they ran for, how many catches they made, how many touchdowns they scored, how many tackles…” – Chris Wright"

DeForest also allegedly gave Girtman a list of phone numbers for certain boosters when Girtman committed to Oklahoma State in 2003. Girtman has said that when he arrived in Stillwater, he was given a $5,000 debit card by DeForest that was refilled on a regular basis. Cornerback Ricky Coxeff stated that he waited in the car on several different occasions while players visited DeForest at his home and returned with stacks of money.

"“I have never paid a player for on-field performance. I have been coaching college football for almost 24 years, and I have built a reputation of being one of the best special teams coordinators and college recruiters in the country based on hard work and integrity.” – Joe DeForest"

What does all of this mean for the West Virginia Mountaineers? How does the Joe DeForest Allegations impact the team? In short, it may only impact the Mountaineers morale. The NCAA has a 4 year statute of limitations on such misconduct so the only thing DeForest and the West Virginia Mountaineers have to worry about, professionally, is the internal investigations by WVU and the NCAA. If the investigations are true, DeForest would most likely only be slapped on the wrist and told “no-no”.