Top 5 West Virginia Mountaineers NFL Draft Classes of All-Time

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4. 1990

The Play. Credit: Dale Sparks Photography.

1. Renaldo Turnbull 14th overall to New Orleans Saints

2. Reggie Rembert 28th overall to New York Jets

2. Mike Fox 51st overall to New York Giants

7. Basil Proctor 168th overall to New York Jets

9. Jack Linn 229th overall to Detroit Lions

9. Lonnie Brockman 236th overall to New Orleans Saints

12. Major Harris 317th overall to Los Angeles Raiders

The 1990 draft class was the class where the great teams of the late 1980s unloaded a good portion of their talent into the ranks of the NFL. The 1990 class featured six total draft picks, one of the highest totals in Mountaineers draft history. Just the year prior, in 1989, WVU produced 8 total draft picks all of which went in the 6th round or later.

Of this fine group of players, Renaldo Turnbull and Mike Fox were the most productive NFL players. Turnbull was a sack master for the Saints, earning All-Pro honors in 1993 while Mike Fox was a contributor to the Giants Super Bowl XXV championship team.

This class is also remembered as the draft where the iconic Major Harris left campus a year early to enter the draft, only to wind up as a 12th rounder to the Raiders. This move still has WVU fans scratching their heads to this day.

In 1990, we were all trying to hold on for just one more day…