Top 10 West Virginia Mountaineers in the First Round of the NFL Draft

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7. Renaldo Turnbull- 14th to New Orleans Saints, 1990


In the late 1980s, Renaldo Turnbull was one of the most ferocious defensive ends in college football. He had a knack for getting into the backfield and disrupting offenses.

Saints head coach Jim Mora was looking to retool his defense in the 1990 draft and did just that by taking Turnbull in the 1st round of the draft. Turnbull would debut with a 9 sack rookie campaign and quickly established himself as a great pass rusher.

Turnbull would have his most productive season in 1993, registering 13 sacks on his way to a Pro Bowl election. Turnbull would play 7 seasons in New Orleans before finishing his career in 1997 with the upstart Carolina Panthers.

Turnbull, while not a name often brought up when you talk of 1990s great pass rushers, Saints fans (like Mountaineers fans) hold a special place in their heart for this quality rusher.