WVU Football: Coach Holgorsen aka “Horsewomen” Announces Hiring of Seider


As a sign of the ever declining standards of editing in the media these days, one of my hometown news channels allowed an autocorrect error to go live on their broadcast. WSAZ of Huntington, WV was carrying the story of coach Holgorsen’s hiring of running back coach JaJuan Seider when they allowed this viral sensation to air:

Conspiracy theorists will tell you that the pro-Marshall WSAZ intentionally ran the error to take a shot at West Virginia University’s head ball coach. I would contend that it is pure oversight. There are many ways to take a shot at your “rival” without making yourself appear incompetent.

The important part of the story is that West Virginia has found a new RB coach in JaJuan Seider.

Seider, who served in the same capacity at Marshall University under coach Doc Holliday, comes back to WVU after a three year absence. As a native of Florida (and a former star quarterback in the state), Seider will also play a key role in recruiting the top Sunshine State athletes, as pointed out by Bob Hertzel:

For more on coach JaJuan Seider, see this tweet: