West Virginia NFL Combine Video Recap


In case you did not see any of the combine action for yourself, here are the highlights of  Mountaineer alumni  Geno Smith’s and Tavon Austin’s performances in Indianapolis, IN this past weekend.

Also as a bonus, we have included video of Stedman Bailey’s 40 yard dash. Apologies to Joe Madsen, but their is no video available online for Joe Madsen’s workouts.

Geno Smith:

Even though Geno is a pocket passer, he still ran the fastest 40 yard dash of all the quarterbacks at the NFL combine. His 4.56 second run puts him in the same class speed-wise as Russell Wilson from last year’s draft.

NFL Network analysts spent the vast majority of Sunday discussing how well Geno Smith showed at the NFL combine. The consensus seems to be that Geno performed quite well, but did not give a lot of scouts the wow factor they were hoping for. It could all be a lot of gamesmanship though, as the rumors of the Oakland Raiders drafting Geno Smith have picked up steam.


Geno Smith showed Steve Mariucci that he is quite a heady quarterback prospect. Smith certainly does know how to break down tape well.


Tavon Austin:

Here you can see Tavon Austin light up the 40 yard dash with a 4.34 second official time. That time is good enough for second at this year’s NFL combine behind Texas’ Marquise Goodwin, 4.27 seconds.


NFL Network analysts were drooling all over themselves after watching Tavon Austin’s workouts at the NFL combine. Here is a video of the analysts discussing Austin’s draft prospects.


Many people have started to compare Tavon Austin’s abilities to those of DeSean Jackson, Percy Harvin, and Wes Welker.


Stedman Bailey:

Bailey’s 40 yard dash time of 4.57 seconds is not going to blow scouts away, but his highlight film certainly will. While his measurable are not the best in class, he has shown a long history of being a big time playmaker and consistent pass catcher.