Eron Harris Learns a Tough Lesson at Kansas State


Feb 18, 2013; Manhattan, KS, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins yells at guard Eron Harris (10) after Harris fouled out during a 71-61 loss to the Kansas State Wildcats at Bramlage Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Inevitably, every freshman goes through a tough learning experience during their first season on campus. Promising Mountaineers guard Eron Harris learned his lesson in front of the national media against Kansas State last night.

Harris, normally a very well-disciplined player, had difficulty remaining on the court last night. He got caught up in some questionable fouls, resulting in coach Huggins pulling Eron from the court for long stretches of the game.

As Huggins noted, the poor discipline on Harris’ part showed his inexperience:

"“Eron Harris was totally out of the game,” said Huggins. “That was the first time that he got into foul trouble and sat, and he played like a freshman.”"

Eron was visibly frustrated on the bench, showing a lot of emotion. That emotion would get the best of him midway through the second half as he took an ill-advised (alright, bone-headed) technical foul. With that technical foul, Harris fouled out of his first game in his college basketball career.

It is hard to blame the guy for having an off night, after all, he is just a freshman. Further more, you have to love the emotion that he showed on the bench. Harris plays the game with a ton of passion and shows that he truly cares about this team.

Eron Harris is allowed to go through growing pains, no matter how few and far between. With time, he will mature and develop better discipline to avoid taking these unnecessary technical fouls. Although, let’s hope that he never loses the kind of passion he exhibited last night.