WVU Players in Super Bowl History: Top 10 Performers

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6: Todd Sauerbrun, Super Bowl XXXVIII

Yet another West Virginia alumni as a starting punter in the biggest game in football.

The grissled veteran, Sauerbrun came to the Carolina Panthers at the height of their NFC run. In 2003, the Panthers broke out to reach the Super Bowl at the end of the 2003 campaign.

Sauerbrun’s boot was needed to give Jake Delhomme and the hot/cold Panthers offense a fighting chance. The 2003 Carolina Panthers came to be known as the “Cardiac Cats,” winning 8 games by less than a touchdown.

Sauerbrun booted 7 punts for a total of 310 yards in SB XXXVIII versus the New England Patriots juggernaut of the early 2000s.

The Cardiac Cats finished their 2003 season with yet another heart pounding finish, losing to the Patriots on a last second field goal, 32-29.