Aaric Murray Draw Heat for Tweets


Jan 19 2013; West Lafayette, IN, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers center Aaric Murray (24) dunks against Purdue Boilermakers center A.J. Hammons (20) at Mackey Arena. Purdue defeats West Virginia 79-52. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Isn’t it amazing the kind of scrutiny we put our athletes under? An athlete, college or professional, cannot say anything without the public tearing them apart.

Aaric Murray was shown that treatment on twitter yesterday. Murray, who leads West Virginia University in scoring this season took to twitter for entertainment last night. He engaged in some light-hearted humor that apparently upset a couple people on twitter. Here is what he said (warning: if you are sensitive to cheauvanistic jokes, please stop reading):

"Some guys open the door for girls! I just don’t. LolOpen your door? Lol you got hands lolI want to be able to buy my girl her dream car; better than opening the door for her – @WVU_AM24"

It is crazy to think that there are a contingent of fans (especially rowdy Mountaineers) fans that could be offended by this. I am all for chivalry, but even I do not have a problem with this kind of humor.

Even though Murray does not have to justify his light-hearted joke to anybody on twitter, but he, being a character guy, issued this apology:

"Sorry to all those who got offended by me saying I don’t open the door for my girl, in all honesty I don’t have one I’m just bored tweetin – @WVU_AM24"

Hopefully this is not a frequent occurence where our WVU athletes are harassed on twitter for simple jokes. Although, it is not the best time for a college athlete to even jokingly refer to an imaginary girlfriend.