Bold Predictions Follow-Up: Oklahoma State


A fourth game in a row, a fourth set of Bold Predictions gone somewhat awry. The staff of HailWV are all passionate WVU fans, making it difficult to come to grips with what this team has become. Our predictions have been overly optimistic, as we have all expected the Mountaineers to snap out of this funk and reclaim their early season form.

To this point, no such luck, as the Mountaineers fell to Oklahoma State 55-34 yesterday.

Ken Durbin’s Predictions: I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that Pat Miller will have 5 tackles, 4 passes defensed, and an interception. WVU will NOT allow a blocked field goal attempt.

Well I took a swing and missed hard on Pat Miller against OK State. I thought that the secondary would have to come up big to keep the Mountaineers in the game. The defensive backs were a major component of the game for West Virginia, however, they were on the wrong end of the spectrum.

Miller and company played well in the second and third quarters, keeping Clint Chelf in check. Unfortunately it took the secondary 15 minutes to pick up their play and the final 15 minutes for the whole team to unravel. I thought Miller would have a career day breaking up passes and causing a turnover. While I was pretty close to predicting Miller’s tackle total (he had 6 for the game), I was nowhere close otherwise.

My bonus pick, for the Bitancurt to go without a blocked kick, was 100% correct. The two times Holgorsen went to Bitancurt for points, the senior delivered. Looks like at least one portion of the special teams may be back on track.

No need to talk about the score prediction.

Nov 10, 2012; Stillwater OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys safety Daytawion Lowe (8) breaks up a pass intended for West Virginia Mountaineers wide receiver Tavon Austin (1) at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

Brandon Miller’s Prediction: Tavon Austin will bring in 12 receptions for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Well, I said 150 yards and 2 TDs for Austin. Austin had a solid game but his numbers were hampered by Bailey’s much needed reemergence. Austin finsihed up just shy of my prediction with 125 all purpose yards and 1 touchdown.

I predicted WVU would lose a close game. I was closer on that prediction than the final score indicates. We had so many missed opportunities and stupid mistakes, particularly on special teams. If not for those, we very well could have won the game, or at least made the final score very, very close.

Does anyone else think it might be time to consider giving Millard a shot under center? Yes, Geno put up a decent game statistically, but he missed A LOT of throws, a few of which would have lead to touchdowns, many of which would have continued drives. I’m not saying I’d do that right now if I was Holgorsen, but I wouldn’t complain too much if he made that switch right now- something is obviously affecting Geno right now. I hope he gets it fixed soon.

Alan Searles’ Prediction: I predict poor offensive stats and a 42-32 loss. Hope I am wrong.

I guess I was sorta right huh? Definitely didn’t think we would win but put up some points. Don’t know if it’s positive or negative but we could’ve won that game if we didn’t have so many dumb mistakes. Frustrating.

Patrick Pishko’s Prediction: WVU gets the win, but it will not come with any style points.

Miscues, miscues, miscues…I predicted a WVU win, that of which I still believe they have at least one left in the tank. Containment of Randle and prevention of coverage breakdowns were the two things I worried about the most. I was fairly dead on in my assumption that a win could only occur if both of those things happened. Special teams was a total disaster once again; I figured there would be a few questionable happenings on that side of the ball, but none worth directly commenting on. Oh how wrong I was in that regard.

After racking up four L’s in a row, it’s very difficult for me to pin this on coaching. The things that are happening are a result of total lapses in player judgement. It is amazing to me that things of this nature can occur to folks playing at this level of NCAA football. The coaches are not the ones taking the field…confidence and common sense are currently lacking these days in WVU football.