Bold Predictions Follow-Up: Texas Christian


We, here at, were anxiously anticipating a close victory by the Mountaineers. Given the way the team had been beaten down in previous weeks, we had our reservations about how well WVU would respond to the extra time off prior to this game. In some regards, the team looked like they had improved (defense). In other aspects, it appears as if nothing has changed (special teams).

In the end, the Mountaineers looked like the same team that has been taken advantage of in recent weeks. The final two minutes of regulation through double overtime has left the Mountaineers with the same questions they were seeking to answer during the bye week.

The performance has also left our staff scrathing their heads.

Ken Durbin’s Prediction: Look for Geno to throw for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns.

My prediction was predicated on Geno Smith feeling comfortable with the offense once again. Smith was not able to feel any comfort in the pocket. The offensive line did an admirable job of keeping the rush off of Geno. TCU did a phenomenal job of bottling up the WVU receivers, forcing Geno to work through his progressions and roll out of the pocket.

The Horned Frogs were able to keep Geno and the offense from establishing any sort of consistent rhythm, which is vital to Coach Holgorsen’s offensive scheme. Smith was held in check, throwing for 260 yards and 3 touchdowns. Had the WVU receivers been able to get off the line a little more easily against the TCU secondary, I think Geno could have led the Mountaineers to victory.

But that is football, if you get a bad match-up (like our receivers did), you are going to struggle. I thought WVU would win by a margin 41-33. I got about the right point total, but definitely thought that WVU would pull out what I saw as a must win game.

At this point, I’m just hoping for one win and maybe a berth in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Talk about tempering your expectations.

November 3, 2012; Morgantown, WV, USA; TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin (2) passes under pressure from West Virginia Mountaineers linebacker Isaiah Bruce (31) during the fourth quarter at Milan Puskar Field. The TCU Horned Frogs won 39-38 in two overtimes. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Brandon Miller’s Predictions:

-Terrance Garvin will have a solid game and finish up with a sack and 8 tackles.
-Karl Joseph will step up with a big game too and record 10 tackles and an interception.
-Pat Miller will get burned a few times early, get yanked, get reinserted in the 2nd half, make a few good plays, then get burned again and sat down for the rest of the game.
-The play of the secondary will push my blood pressure to dangerous levels at least 10 times.
-Final score; TCU 44, WVU ? – Your guess is as good as mine.

This was a tough one to lose. The defense performed much, much better than I expected. They got a ton of pressure on TCU’s QB and stifled their run game. This gave our secondary a lot of help. Speaking of the secondary- they had a decent game, but I think if we hadn’t forced a lot of quick throws with pressure on the QB, they would have looked bad again. But the defense definitely showed improvement. The real test will be how they fare against OK St and OK.

I still have a bad feeling that we’ll be giving up a lot of yards and points to those teams.

What happened to the offense? Is Geno hurt? Soemthing is wrong with him either physically or mentally. Maybe both. The play calling seemed pretty haphazard throughout the game too. And the running game was horrendous. We just couldn’t get into any rhythm, and it’s a real head scratcher for me. I never thought the defense would outperform the offense in a game this year, but it happened this weekend.

I guess there is some hope for the rest of the season since the defense got better, but I really think its time to start looking towards next year. We gotta build depth if we want to compete every game and every year in this conference. Big East players aren’t going to cut it in the Big 12. Holgorsen and the coaches deserve some time to build the talent and depth up to Big 12 standards.

At least the basketball teams look to be in good shape. Huggyball tips off on Tuesday. Jump on the bandwagon early this year folks, we’re going to be the surprise team of the year.

To review my predictions…

I predicted a solid game for Terrance Garvin (sack + 8 tackles). He finished up a little short of that with 4 tackles and no sacks, but he still had a solid game. I called for Joseph to have a big game as well (10 tackles + INT). He finished up with 9 tackles and a forced fumble (not a pick, but still a turnover), so I’ll take credit for hitting this one on the head.

Pat Miller got burnt early and I believe did get yanked as I predicted. He returned and played good coverage at times, but got burnt on the 2 point conversion that lost the game for us. My blood pressure was kept in check most of the game, but the last TD in regulation and the TD and 2 pt conversion in the 2nd OT sent it through the roof. Was pretty close on TCU’s final score as well.. predicted 44, they scored 39.

Alan Searles’ Prediction: I hope for 35-33.

Could you have predicted the game would’ve went that way?? The defense showed large improvements albeit versus a weaker offense. Still though, the offense was a struggle and the defense still allowed inexcusable mistakes (WTF on the last TD?). Again, who really knows how we will shape up vs OK State. Will we pack it in?

Patrick Pishko’s Prediction: The D will keep the Frogs under 325 yards passing and will cap the rush at about 80 yards. TCU will score 3 TDs today.

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