Weekly Preview: Hunting Season


Dear BFAs,
Apparently the nation took notice to how great our practice was this week as WVU rebounded from two losses while climbing two spots in the AP and three in the coaches poll.  Great work guys.

Time to fire up the muskets my fellow Mountaineers.  The weather has turned and its time to go hunting.

TCU is up next, our Big XII freshman brethren.  The Horned Frogs have had a rough year as their player’s rap sheet looks like the police blotter in Huntington on a Friday night.  The team was playing decent early in the year despite a litany list of players being ineligible due to drug charges, then their QB had to go all Honey Badger and get caught again.  Didn’t Chris Henry create a tutorial video on how to get away with this stuff?? RIP.  Anyway, after a triple OT loss to Texas Tech, they got whooped up on by Oklahoma State last week.  It would seem as though to me that this is a perfect team to get back on a winning streak with after the bye week.  I wouldn’t predict a convincing win, but any type of W would be nice.  Hopefully someone leads the Frogs down into Sunny Side Friday night so that they can get high as balls before playing us.

Hopefully Holgo and crew give me something more to write about this week.

Penn State

I hope you all watched the “white out” in State College this weekend and noticed the Gold Rush in the endzone.  Yep, there were four “lost” idiots sitting in the stands decked in Mountaineer gear.  We obviously got quite a few confused looks and many people asked, what the hell are you doing here, but I would say 3:2 were pretty cool to us.  The others?  They had excellent trolling comments very similar to Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy from the ageless Bud Light Real Men of Genius series.  The great comments included “Go Home” and “You Suck”.  I was so greatly offended at the audacity of the comments, I simply had to drown my sorrows in another beer and crack another Sandusky joke.  The biggest disappointment of the weekend was that the Buckeyes stayed undefeated.  The biggest joy was a toss between running rough shod all over the competition in corn hole and making endless Sandusky comments.  The best moments involved Sandusky comments and corn holing all in one.  Finally we did a good deed in educating a gaggle of foreign exchange students from the Far East in how to play beer pong.  They had the cups setup right, but were using trail mix instead of beer pong balls.  No joke.  We helped the chaps out while also showing them how to win.

Around The Nation

It was about time that I made one prediction correctly this year.  Last week I said that I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the unbeaten teams lost last weekend and sure enough, 5 of 11 did.  That with finally cashing in my parlay that I executed from week one, two weeks ago, I think I should quit while I am some what ahead.  Two of the three SEC teams went down as Bama crushed Miss St and Florida finally fell.  Oregon States surprising run finally ended, Rutgers lost to a MAC team (bear in mind that Va Tech is 0 for its last 2 against the Big East and the BE is 0 for its last two versus the MAC), and Ohio lost out on its potential BCS bid by losing to Miami of Ohio.  This leaves us with Bama, Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Louisville who survived a scare against Cincy in overtime.  ND has a few relatively easy games before facing USC.  Oregon still has USC, Standford, and Pac 12 championship.  K State really doesn’t have an “easy” game left, Ohio State doesn’t matter, and Bama has LSU this weekend.

The Biggest upset of the weekend though, likely came from Rich Rod in his upset over USC.  Obviously Lane Kiffin’s team is not what they were cracked up to be.  They are not bad either, but I’d suspect their lack of depth from recruiting sanctions are starting to show its ugly head.  Rich now has a shot at winning the Pac 12 South, which when he was made aware of this, he retorted with one of the classic quotes of the year, “It’s like Dumb and Dumber — you’re telling me there’s a chance,”.  It does seem as though this dick has mellowed over the years.

Looking forward to this weekend, after the WVU game ends, find yourself a seat a sports bar.  At 7:00 Oregon travels to USC on Fox, at 8:00 Bama heads to Death Valley to take on LSU and Oklahoma State travels to Manhattan to play Kansas State.  Can we lose one more undefeated team?  Who will it be?


The Maryland Terrapins are now down to their fourth quarterback on the year, a converted freshman linebacker.  This should be fun to watch.

Excellent and humorous article on sport journalism.  This is a big pet peeve of mine as well.

The 2012 Big Ten debacle continues as the league has only representative in the BCS poll this week after Wisconsin and Michigan both fell out.  What appears to be a weekly merry go around, has propelled Nebraska back into the poll.  I suppose they now appear to be the favorites to win the league, but your guess is as good as mine.  My only hope is that they continue to lose and there is no representative in the polls

I hate Notre Dame.  I mean I really hate them, but this is really funny.

Good Luck tailgaiting in the cold this weekend my friends.