Bold Predictions Follow-Up: Kansas State


So much for the HailWV staff redeeming themselves in bold predictions. Like most of Mountaineers nation, we thought that the Texas Tech game would be a wake up call and light a fire under the defense to play more inspired. Apparently, the Texas Tech game was more of a harbinger of things to come. Expect next week’s edition of Bold Predictions to be much less optimistic. Now let’s get to the quick recap of how we did.

Ken Durbin’s Prediction: Expect Doug Rigg to rack up 10 tackles and forced fumble. Bonus Prediction: look for the unheralded Josh Francis to have a multiple sack game.

In hind sight, I was overly optimistic about how well the WVU defense could play against the run. Most games this season, we have put teams into a shoot-out game, forcing them to abandon the run early. That made the defense look as if it were tougher against the run then they appeared Saturday. In reality, the Mountaineers rush defense, while still the best part of the defensive unit, is still a sub-par unit. The Wildcats tore up the ground to the tune of 146 yards rushing.

My aspirations for Rigg and the WVU linebackers to control the line of scrimmage were horribly misguided. Rigg only accounted for 2 tackles. The second component of my prediction focused on Francis to be able to apply a pass rush to throw Klein out of rhythm. In multiple attempts to get to Klein, Francis could not get off his blocks along the line of scrimmage. Francis finished with 2 tackles and 1 tackle for loss.

We all know just how far off the mark my game prediction was. I expected the Mountaineers to pull out a close victory, not to get stomped into the astro turf.

October 20, 2012; Morgantown, WV, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers fan reacts as he watches the game against the Kansas State Wildcats during the fourth quarter at Milan Puskar Stadium. The Kansas State Wildcats won 55-14. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Brandon Miller’s Prediction: Geno Smith will throw for 400 yards and 6 TDs against the Wildcats. Tavares Copeland will have 5 receptions for 70 yards.

No words to describe how wrong I was. Joe DeForest must be fired or demoted immediately.

Alan Searles’ Prediction: I say Tavon breaks everything but the hymen!

Like the rest of the Mountaineers fanbase, I walked out of Mountaineer Field with no answers. How can the defense be THIS BAD? Where the heck did our offense go? What happened to our Heisman front runner? Who knows.

Thankfully by personality, I have always been able to shrug off losses with a witty joke and a beer more easily than the fan next to me. But it is tough taking in losses that are so explicitly embarrassing. I made it until the clock read 0:00 Saturday night. If something doesn’t change soon, it’s going to be a real chore sticking it out all year.

Patrick Pishko’s Prediction: Bruce: 1 sack; 1 TFL; 6 total tackles. Joseph: 10 total tackles; 2 passes defensed.

My heart hurts. Enough said.