FireChuckLandon: WVU ain’t goin nowhere!


When we last left Huntington’s favorite meth-headed mullet, he was probably dribbling on about how Marshall was better or something. We forgot, it’s been a while.

Well, 2012 is barely 8 days old and that cheap suit-wearing blowhard is at it, showing jealousy that WVU is actually proactive in getting out of the Big East, while Marshall continues to suffer in Conference USA. [Huntington Herald Dispatch.]

How does he get information that nobody else supposedly has? Could he be making it up? MAYBE! Let’s find out.

The Orange Bowl victory on Wednesday night wasn’t the first Bowl Championship Series bowl championship for West Virginia University as a member of the Big East Conference.
Yeah, it was the third. How many BCS trophies does Moo-U have? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? 

And guess what?
What? You’re going to write one-sentence per line and it’s going to be construed as a paragraph to fill up space in that rag known as the Herald-Disgrace?

It might not be the last.
I KNEW IT! Not the last “one sentence paragraph you write!” Wait, not the last BCS trophy WVU wins? Yeah, 3-0 in the BCS, and now should look to add a few Fiesta Bowl trophies in the Hall of Traditions.

As much as the Mountaineers shoot off their muskets declaring they will be members of the Big 12 for the 2012 football season. …
Hardy har har har! Chucky make joke about muskets!

As much as WVU athletic director Oliver Luck vacillates between denigrating the Big East and pontificating on joining the Big 12. …
Well, the Big East does suck… I mean, who in the hell (other than the respective fanbases) gets excited for football games such as Cincinnati vs. Slutgers or UConn vs. Louisville, etc?

As much as WVU officials, athletes and fans want to believe the Big East is in their rear view mirrors and the future is now for Big 12 membership. …
Sayanora, Big East and Meatball Marinatto!!

There’s a good chance it won’t happen.
So says the idiot who unsuccessfully put out a hit piece on Coach Dana Holgorsen this past summer.

Not in 2012 and, perhaps, not ever.
Wait, not ever? Chucky, back up a second… Oliver Luck has already signed over WVU’s Media Rights to the Big 12 (which includes a sweet deal with FX) beginning in 2012. The letters were at the presser… were you not paying attention, or were you on your knees under Doc Holliday’s desk?

What people don’t seem to understand is WVU is on the clock with the Big 12 and it’s ticking rapidly. Meanwhile, time is the Big East’s ally. The longer these court battles drag on, the less chance WVU will be able to join the Big 12 in 2012.
Are you sure about that, Chuck?

That’s why WVU officials keep trying to push the time-frame.
Well, sort of. WVU officials want out of the Big East, and now! Not later, now!

That’s also why Big East officials keep dragging their feet.
Big East officials have ALWAYS dragged their feet… I mean, look at expansion. In 2010, Marinatto thought he had TCU and rested his lard ass on his laurels and had a hard-on for Villanova football… that never materialized. Then Pittsburgh, Syracuse, TCU and WVU all are going to different conferences. Meanwhile, what does Marinatto do in December AFTER the regular season? Invites 4 teams from timezones that aren’t the Eastern Time Zone and says, “We made a bold move going West!” No, it was more of a desperation move that both sides took part in!

It’s a timely battle. And it just might be a fight the Mountaineers can’t win.
So says the guy who roots for the team that CAN’T WIN every year the Joe Bowl is played.

I mean, the court case isn’t even scheduled to go to trial until late June. Five days later, WVU is supposed to join the Big 12 officially.
And WVU will officially join the Big 12. The Big East is probably the last conference to release their football schedules.

Good luck with that. … Oliver or otherwise.
LOL I love how he places everything on Oliver Luck. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Chuck’s pants get tight at the mere mention of Oliver Luck.

That’s particularly true now that a Big East official has revealed to The Sporting News publication that the league isn’t interested in allowing WVU to buy its way out of its contract.
Two things about that, Chuck… which you’re probably not aware of due to the fact you’ll never see that much money in your lifetime:

1) “Contracts were made to be broken” -JR Ewing

Not for any amount of money.
2) “Everyone has a price!” -Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Don’t let the Big East fool you, even they have a price which WVU is willing to pay.

“It’s not about money,” wrote The Sporting News’ Matt Hayes, quoting what he referred to as a “high-placed Big East source.” “It never has been.”
Chuck Landon is copying from an article that is OLD news. Snore. Next…

It appears Big East commissioner John Marinatto has dug in his heels. There has been an obvious line in the sand drawn by the Big East.
The only time Marinatto digs in his heels is when there’s an eating contest.

In fact, the Big East official told The Sporting News there’s “no chance” that WVU, Pitt and Syracuse can buy their way out of the existing contracts and leave in time for the 2012 season.
Like Ted DiBiase once said, “Everyone has a price.” Not fooled at all.

The Big East obviously has every intention of holding WVU to the 27-month notice of withdrawal in the league’s bylaws.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions… like the Big East’s road to oblivion is paved with desperation and the West Coast.

If the Big East wins in court it will cause major consequences for any hopes of a WVU move to the Big 12. Does anybody actually believe the Big 12 would wait 27 months on the Mountaineers?
Yes. Big 12 (Interim) Commissioner Chuck Neinas said that WVU’s move to the Big 12 is NOT CONTINGENT on WVU being able to join this year, idiot.

I’m not sure the Big 12 still will take WVU if the Mountaineers aren’t on-board for the 2012 season. Remember, that once was a contingency for WVU’s potential membership. Then, the league claimed it wasn’t.
Yeah, you can go to and listen to the presser for yourself, Landon.

Don’t be surprised if the contingency still exists.

In the meantime, the Big 12 is being held hostage by the legal battles between WVU and the Big East. While all the other BCS leagues are releasing their 2012 schedules, the Big 12 sits idle because it doesn’t know whether to include WVU or not.
Horseshit, Landon… they ALREADY have a Plan B if for some happenstance WVU can’t compete in the better conference in 2012.

Furthermore, if WVU isn’t a member of the Big 12 in 2012 that would leave the conference with only nine members. That creates a scheduling nightmare that Big 12 officials and member schools won’t soon forget.
Again, a Plan B. They’ve already had scheduling nightmares with the departures of Nebraska and Colorado (such as the Bedlam being held twice in Stillwater, OK.)

Despite Luck’s redundant rhetoric, the entire situation is a mess. And it appears to be growing worse, not better.
There you go again, Landon, bashing Oliver Luck.

The Big East holds the upper hand.
I get it… Marinatto was feeding you this information. In return, you fed him 3 plates of Chicken Parmasean!

Until that changes, it doesn’t look like WVU is going anywhere.
Just to the top of the College Football World, looking down on Kentucky peons like Marshall.