Brad Nessler apparently failed Geography 101.


In a move which surprised all residents of the Mountain State last night, ESPN’s Brad Nessler has apparently annexed WVU and the city of Morgantown back into the Commonwealth of Virginia.

No word or official statement yet from the West Virginia State Legislature on the historical move by Nessler and the powers at ESPN.  Big East Commissioner Marinatto is apparently re-evaluating his lawsuit against WVU. Rumors are Marinatto will look to add the ACC and Commissioner Swofford as defendants since the State of Virginia has historically been known as an “ACC state”.  When contacted by reporters for a statement, ESPN had no comment other than a request that no one contact Boston College A.D. Geno DeFilippo for any comments. Stay posted for further comments.
(Disclaimer: If you’re dumb enough to believe this story, please send all emails to Jim).