WVU’s Big 12 schedule partially leaked


I know, I know, it’s Chip Brown of OrangeBloods.com…

Anyway, he reported on Twitter today that Texas was having the Big 12 newcomers head to Austin for the 2012 season.

Obviously, I’m happy about it as we at HailWV.com no longer recognize the Big East as WVU’s conference after the 2011-2012 basketball season. But, with the Big East acting like the batsh*t crazy, clingy ex-girlfriend in court (namely Meatball Moronatto), the move may not be as expedited as Jim Clements, Oliver Luck & company may have hoped.

Recently, Judge Michael Silverstein ruled that WVU is a corporation (despite the fact that the folks who work for WVU are classified as State Employees, including Coaches Holgorsen & Huggins) and that Rhode Island has jurisdiction over WVU via the Big Least.

But, I like to think positive when it comes to moving to the Big 12, so… I cannot wait to fly down to Austin, Texas for a weekend of awesome TX BBQ and football inside their 100K seat stadium. Oh, and did I mention that Austin, TX is an awesome place to be?

Is Chip Brown right, or is he just blowing smoke? We’ll find out in due time. Hopefully, the Big 12 puts out a schedule before the Big Least does.