Big East files participation injunction against WVU – UPDATED


So, looks like John “Meatball” Marinatto and his brilliant legal minds have decided to file an injunction requiring WVU to participate in all Big East activities (which now include reindeer games) until the legal matter is resolved.

The injunction was filed Dec. 14, two days before the court considered West Virginia’s motion to dismiss the case on Friday.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s WVU football beat writer, Jenn Menendez, is the first on this story. We even have an exclusive picture of Commissioner Marinatto that will be used only at this site.

From the PPG blog On The Mountain comes this bit of information, that according to Menendez herself, arrived this morning after her multiple attempts to reach the RI court. Probably a good thing Glenn Quagmire wasn’t running the phones when she called.

"Judge Michael Silverstein,“Will not take that up – or any additional issues – until he has ruled on jurisdiction, which was the main point of WVU’s motion to dismiss,” said Berke.On Friday Judge Silverstein heard West Virginia’s argument to dismiss, as well as the Big East’s counter-argument. He then gave both sides until this upcoming Wednesday to file additional memorandums to support their arguments.Silverstein’s decision is expected later this week or next week.The fact the Big East filed for an injunction is important for one major reason: It’s another indicator the conference intends to play hardball in this case.That brings us to today: A hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. today in Monongalia County Circuit Court in Morgantown, to address the motion from the Big East to dismiss the WVU lawsuit."

So, today shortly after 1, we expect to have some new information for you regarding this case to get WVU out of the Big Least’s greasy grasp. It seems the Big Least does not want to let WVU go. But, what Meatball Marinatto and the conference doesn’t realize is that contracts were made to be broken.

ICYMI: Some interesting info on the Judge presiding over the WVU/Big East case in Rhode Island.


I e-mailed the folks at regarding Judge Silverstein, and this is what Richard (a guy with the site) told me when I asked him what can be expected from Judge Silverstein:

"I will tell you what lawyers tell me all the time, “hearings in Rhode Island are basically a crap shoot.”"

That explains mumblings about RI’s legal system being suspect & corrupt.

UPDATE 2, 3pm: Here’s a Google Document featuring the Big East’s request to force WVU to stay in the Big East. Document courtesy of Jared Hunt, Charleston Daily Mail. Also, Meatball Marinatto’s affidavit.

UPDATE 3, 3PM: Big East’s motion to have lawsuit dismissed in Monongalia County has been DENIED by Judge Russell Clawges.