We got skills!


By my latest count WVU has a total of 27commitments for this upcoming recruiting class, some of which I expect to enroll early and count toward the class of 2011. Out of the 27 commitments, 12 of those are Defensive, 11 are Offensive, and 3 are considered athletic. As we grow closer to National Signing Day, which this year happens to fall on February 1st, we will take a more in depth look at this class, and how they could possibly impact the team for spring practice of 2012.

Of the 27 commitments, 19 are considered “skill position”: 6 on Offense, 10 on Defense, and 3 athletic. The 3 athletic could translate into Offense or Defense, just depends on how the Staff intends on using them. Well, right now you’re wondering, so what’s your point? My Point is this: The 2012 recruiting class is composed of 70% skill position players, DB, WR, RB, QB, etc. That figure is just a little higher than normal. Typically, your skill position players only account for 60% of the players on the field in a normal set. These numbers could be high for several reasons, but the most logical explanations are, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

WVU, with Dana Holgorsen at the Helm, runs a High Octane Offense. Unlike Pitt (R.I.P), WVU’s is as advertised, and can only expect to grow as players adjust to this system. On Defense, we have much of the same. The 3-3-5, or Stack as some would say, also requires more players at the skill positions. This, in my opinion, is why you see an emphasis on WRs’, and DBs’. As Mountaineer fans, this is the world in which we live.

On the surface, two players that jump out and demand your attention in this class are Albert Reid (DC POY), and Daniel McKinney (JuCo transfer). Reid is classified as “ATH” largely because he played both sides in HS. On Offense he played RB displaying good vision up the middle, and nice speed on the edge. He has a natural ability to read blocks, and to wait for the play to develop in front of him. As a DB on Defense, he has an instinct for the ball, and is a very solid open field tackler. Daniel McKinney, a JuCo WR from San Francisco, could have an immediate impact. With a 6’2”, 220lb frame, he could be a good position receiver. The upside for McKinney could be with his experience. Being a JuCo transfer, he should adjust quicker to the speed of the game.

As we near February 1st, we will continue to monitor the situation, with both fingers on the pulse, ready to administer life saving CPR, at the drop of a hat! So sit back, chew your food thoroughly, and enjoy the show. And as always, “Let’s Go Mountaineers!”
Mountain Man.