Gameday Preview: USF


We are down to the final regular-season game tonight, against the South Florida Bulls. Earlier in the week, we asked Matt Staton of The Bull Rush a few questions about the Bulls. You can read his answers here.

Now, it’s our turn to preview WVU, like we always do.

Before I delve into our individual previews, I just want to say that this has been one hell of a season to preview… nobody knew what to expect except for a lot of yards and points to be put up on the board. I’d like to thank Jeremy (the guy who also does the Holgorsen captions), Dwayne and Jerry for contributing to the group previews. Records have fallen, and WVU is on the brink of going BCS Bowling. And, my instinct tells me if WVU isn’t in the BCS, that the Eers will be a virtual lock for the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC.

Remember, for those that still “aren’t sold” on Holgorsen because they’re still so smitten with Bill Stewart, just remember there is a ton of upside with Dana Holgorsen, as opposed to Gomer. If Gomer & Eddie were still running the show, WVU would probably be headed to Conference USA. Remember, folks, big picture and future.

Away we go!

Jeremy (@SlangBus)

"So, it’s come down to this. If we win and Cincy wins, we get a nice BCS bowl spot as double digit underdogs, then proceed to beat the sh*t out of the favorites like we always do. If we or Cincy lose, a 7-5 Louisville team gets slaughtered by the ACC champ in a game no one will watch, while we play in some Tuesday night bowl that you’ll forget to watch. I have no clue how good USF or UConn are because I don’t like to watch televised abortion, but I’m going to guess we pull through 42-21 and Cincy helps us out 28-9."

Dwayne (@ImTheSportsDude)

"WVU 24, USF 17."

Jerry (@TheDeuceWVU)

"It seems like yesterday we was talking about Marshall coming to Morgantown. Now here we are heading to South Florida for the regular season finale. Like last week, this game has several storylines. Is this the last Big East game for WVU? Can WVU win the Big East Championship and head to the Orange Bowl? Can USF defeat the Mountaineers and get to 6 wins to get bowl eligible?With a win over USF and some help from Cincinnati at UCONN on Saturday, the Mountaineers will be BCS bound and likely face Virginia Tech. With know the Bulls have given WVU fits in the past with different schemes, and Florida speed. Don’t let the Bulls 5-6 record fool you.I think the team is well aware of whats ahead of the. The dream of a conference title and BCS game is there for the taking. Will the Mountaineers get it done?WVU 28, USF 17BTW… Cincinnati opened as a 10 point favorite at UCONN."

Jim (@WVUJim, @hailWV)

"Down to the final Big Least game for WVU, ever… never thought I’d be typing those words. Next season, WVU will be a part of the Big 12 House Party.Anyway, all season, WVU has yet to play a complete game of football, usually with getting off to a slow start in the 1st half and lighting up the scoreboard in the 2nd half.However, the confines of Raymond James Stadium have not been friendly to the Mountaineers, with the last win in Tampa coming in 2005. This year, the USF Bulls, ESPN’s favorite to win the Big East, are banged-up, bruised, limping to the finish line, and fighting for bowl game eligibility.On the other hand, WVU is definitely going bowling. If WVU wins & Cincinnati wins, WVU goes to the BCS by way of a 3-way tie in the conference head-to-head, and WVU would be highest-ranked in the BCS standings. If WVU wins and Cincy loses, Louisville goes to the BCS. If WVU loses and Cincy wins, Cincy goes to the BCS. If WVU loses and Cincy loses, Louisville goes to the BCS and I burn the conference down. Confusing stuff, isn’t it?Anyway, 2nd half is the best half, and WVU will run away with the game. Gotta warn everyone, too… Craig James is calling tonight’s game. He won’t be fair to WVU, mark my words. #firecraigjamesWVU- 42, USF- 17"