Big East files notice of “Bona Fide Defense” against WVU


Today, the Big Least Conference (along with their Dunce of a Commissioner, John Moronatto) filed a Notice of Bona Fide Defense against WVU.

This is the initial lawsuit that was filed in Monongalia County Circuit Court, Morgantown, WV.

According to a report from WV Illustrated, the Big Least will “answer or otherwise respond” to the complaint by Dec. 5.

"The Big East Conference has filed a notice of bona fide defense in response to West Virginia University’s lawsuit against it.WVU’s lawsuit was initially filed on Oct. 31 in an effort to expedite the process of leaving the Big East and beginning participation in the Big 12. The conference could respond to the lawsuit within 20 days or file a notice of bona fide defense and reply within 30 days.The Big East retained Simmerman Law Office, PLLC of Clarksburg to represent it, and on Tuesday, a notice was filed stating that the Big East will “answer or otherwise respond” to the complaint by Dec. 5."

So, it looks like they’re hell bent for leather on getting WVU to stay in a less-than-competitive conference that’s a fast sinking ship.

However, it seems that WVU has a “legit, Bona Fide case” against the Big Least Conference…

"West Virginia’s lawsuit claimed that the Big East and its commissioner had done “nothing to protect the football playing schools and in fact took measures to further protect and advance the interests of the non-football playing schools.”The Big East, meanwhile, filed a countersuit that same week in which it claimed that WVU should be held to a 27-month waiting period before being allowed to play in the Big 12, a period the University is confident it will not have to wait out.WVU’s lawsuits asks for a court injunction to either declare the agreement between WVU and the Big East void or to count its payment of $2.5 million already received by the conference as a waiver for the time period."

Let’s the battle begin! Since WVU has decided to jump to the Big 12, the Big East has done NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to help the conference.

Moronatto has paid lip service to the following schools: Central Florida, Houston, Southern Methodist (#firecraigjames), BYU, Boise State, Air Force, and Navy saying, “We want you in the conference, the invitations will arrive any day now! Free meatballs for all!”

However, Central Florida is fast getting frustrated with Moronatto’s delay, and there seems to be a snag in BYU joining the Big Least because of their TV deal with BSPN.

UCF’s frustration:

"UCF President John Hitt said he understands fans are growing frustrated with the delay formally announcing the Knights’ long awaited move to the Big East, and he is working to resolve it.Conference USA members UCF, SMU, Houston and Mountain West Conference member Boise State all are on board for a move to the Big East. Air Force and Navy are close to agreements to join the league as well, but many of the expansion candidates have had a variety of issues pop up during the past month that have delayed a joint official announcement.“We’ve got to do something,” Hitt said. “I talked to President [Gerald] Turner over at SMU and we’re getting frustrated. I’m ready to do something. It’s better if Houston, SMU and UCF at least stay together. But I’m getting ready to do something.”"

BYU’s TV snag (looks similar to Texas and their Longhorn Network)

"The Big East’s plan to add BYU as a football member has hit a stumbling block over the Utah school’s existing television contracts, according to a report by The Salt Lake Tribune.The issue is threatening to kill the deal altogether and could lead the conference to look at another western school, perhaps San Diego State, sources told The Tribune today.BYU reportedly wants to retain its home television rights through its eight-year agreement with ESPN that allows the network to broadcast all but one home football game per season. The Big East does not want to hand over the rights, the report says."

Did you all see that!? San Diego State University! Yes, that San Diego that Ron Burgundy wants to “stay classy.” The same San Diego that houses the mouthiest QB in the NFL, Phil Rivers! Nothing says “East Coast Attitude” like SDSU football!

So, as usual, the Big Least hasn’t done a thing to help save the football part of the conference. The Big Least is sinking fast, and Moronatto is eating a meatball sub in the control room.