The Day after Cincy


I went to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games Friday evening so I stayed home for the football game.  We won. For the Preview column I picked a score of WVU 45 Bearcats 24. Well I got the 24 correct. Of course I didn’t realize the Offense was allergic to the End Zones at Paul Brown Stadium.  We moved the ball at will until it came to scoring time. TDs and FGs were at a premium yesterday. More about FGs later. Shout out to the Head Coach that helped us win. Butch Jones. Thanks big guy. You had Isaiah Pead running wild and you forgot about him for long stretches of the game. I have to say it. Idiot

Zach Collaros went down with a bad leg. I tweeted “Oh Yeah” lost 52 followers. Look I don’t want any athlete hurt long term but in the heat of the moment I’m not going to be a hypocrite either. Starting QB is out and things are looking up for our defense. I should have been a fake ass and said “what a shame” Not likely.

Last week I was praising the O-Line. This week they reverted back to their old ways. Come on Fellas I know you got it in you. Knock the hell out of some D, Give Geno some time and open some holes. I’ll praise you to high heavens and so will all of Mountaineer nation. Granted if we ran #20 more on 1st and 2nd down it would help. He gains yards,burns clock and wears the D out trying to tackle his big self. But that is not going to happen so keep chipping away.

I loved Coach Holgorsen’s fire when he was fighting with the refs. FB tweeted me and said “are you seeing this? Holgs is fired up! I love it” Well FB I love it too. The Big East Referees are blatantly prejudiced against the Mountaineers. Fact. Players see it and they see their Coach fighting for them. That will pay dividends in the Motivation factor. Good job Coach!

Great job Defense. Everybody has been dogging you all year. You know you deserved a lot of it. Yesterday you held the first place team to 21 points and scored 7 yourself for a 14 point differential. Thank you! I know a lot of you are young but you are getting better. I love it. Keep up the hard work.

More controversy. In the heat of the moment I tweeted that Holgs should fire the Special Teams Coach on the sidelines. After the win and calming down I say fire him now. 10 games in and we can’t kick a Field Goal? Really?  Good Grief it is one of the simplest plays in football and we can’t execute it? WTF? Yeah we return Kickoffs well. That is all individual effort. Punt returns are spotty. If  Tavon actually fields the ball with a crack to run through it it is awesome. Otherwise?  Punting is an adventure. A lot of people were mad at me over my comments but the truth hurts.

WVU is still in the thick of the BCS Chase. We need Cincy to lose 1 more which is possible with Collaros out.  To make sure we need Louisville to drop another one. Very possible. Of course the Mountaineers need to win out. Now I read comments from some “fans” saying we don’t deservea BCS shot. Really? Are you that dense? That is the whole point of playing in a conference. We play every team in the Big East and at the end of the season a team is deemed to be the BCS representative. It’s not about deserving something it’s about earning it. Besides in case you haven’t noticed we need the extra money and recognition for recruiting. Take your “don’t deserve it” attitude and stick it somewhere. Also a few people think we would get embarrassed in a BCS game. We played the best team in the Nation and I was proud of how the guys played.

Last I am getting messages about our chances once we join the Big12. I love our chances next year. The entire O returns. We get Josh back healthy on the line and the players will already know the system. Defensively I don’t know. I do know from watching B12 football all season that defense is just a rumor anyway. Our D is as good as most in the B12. The losing team in that conference routinely scores 40.

I’m asking you to hit the reply box hard. Give me hell or give me your thoughts overall. also check @EERNation. Rant complete.