Game preview: Cincinnati


From the folks at Gridiron…

The Mountaineers are in a MUST WIN situation on Saturday, as they travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bearcats at Paul Brown Stadium (as opposed to Nippert Stadium). The game will be televised at noon on ABC. Hopefully Craig James (#firecraigjames) won’t be behind the mic on this one. Anyway, the team’s preview and predictions are coming up.

Jeremy aka @SlangBus

"Only way we win is a MAC-type shootout with our MAC level defense. 56-53 WVU."

Tina aka @EERNation

"How did I come up with that score? I checked the schedules first. Cincinnati has a couple of decent wins. NC State and Louisville aren’t bad. Beat Pitt at Heinz field. Overall a good looking team. I checked the stats. Offensively they are closer than I thought they would be. Defensively Cincy looks much better. Special teams the Bearcats are solid. WVU is beyond terrible. So did I get the scores backwards? WVU 45 Cincy 24?No, I got the score correct. By now you might be saying” this woman is crazy”. Well you could be right about that but my prediction stands. It has nothing to do with being a fan or a Homer. (I am both) It has to do with the Mountaineers.For years now it hasn’t mattered what tomato can the Big East schedule put in front of WVU. It matters what Mountaineer team shows up for the game. When WVU shows up ready to play, they win. When the team that we have watched lately shows up. We lose. It comes down to 2 overused, seldom witnessed words. MOUNTAINEER FOOTBALL. If you ask a 100 fans what those words mean you will get 100 different answers. My definition is You might beat us on the scoreboard but we will party after the game and you will head to the ice tub,whirlpool or the hospital. After all the whining, finger pointing, and blame games I think we may see a little Mountaineer Football Saturday. A little bit is all it will take to beat Cincinatti 45-24"

Dwayne aka @ImTheSportsDude

"Cincinnati 42WVU 35Until the defense convinces me they can stop someone…"

Editor’s note: Ouch, bro…

Jerry aka @TheDeuceWVU

"WVU heads to Paul Brown Stadium this weekend for a must win game against the Bearcats of Cincinnati. This is a must win on many levels… but the question is can the Mountaineers rebound after a loss to Louisville last weekend. This game should come down to one word, consistency. Which team is consistent on both sides of the ball?Look for both secondaries to get tested early and often. This game should be a shootout.WVU 49Cincinnati 48"

Jim, Lead Editor @HailWV

"I’m not going to bore you with the whole “Zach Queerellos, Isaiah Peed” combo bullsh!t that plays for UC because I am so damn sick and tired of hearing them. I’m also sick and tired of hearing all of you wankers that are b*tching about Holgorsen in his first year, or banging your head against the keyboard about Casteel and his 3-3-5. As far as I’m concerned, those that are griping don’t know the first thing about football.Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, I actually have some high hopes for this game. We know Bit–er, Butch Jones has this team going now, and they are undefeated in the Big Least. But, Saturday is the day they get knocked off their high horse and lose in a shootout. Geno Smith will finally be on his A game, will spread it out to McCartney, Austin, and Brown. And, despite the high score, Bruce Irvin will get a sack.WVU- 45, UC- 42 OTStay thirsty, my friends."