By now you  know that Coach Holgorsen said he may leave some unmotivated players back from the road trip to Cincinnati. Some reports are that he may take only 55-60. Whatever the number I support the Coach 100%. Something has to be done to wake these guys up. Watching your team prep for a road trip and knowing you are not going is a tough thing for a football player.  This team has way too much talent to have lost to Syracuse and Louisville. Some fans have tried to blame recruiting and lack of talent for these losses. Bull$%!*

If  WVU had played up to par they would have blown those teams out of the Stadium. Unfortunately our Beloved Mountaineers have not played up to potential.  As one person said “They seem to fall asleep for portions of the game”. FB (a twitter friend) said they sometimes lack “True Grit”.  Drastic measures are called for here. I am glad to see Coach Holgorsen take those measures.  Yeah,Yeah, I know, these young men should motivate themselves. If  it was only that simple. Football is a violent, emotional sport.  Most of a  Coach’s success or failure depends on finding out how to get his players to perform at their highest levels. For example Coach Strong got his players fired up to beat WVU the same way Doc got Marshall fired up to beat Louisville.  It happens. Coach Holgorsen said he was not a ‘Rah-Rah” guy. That’s cool. If you try to fake it the players will see right through you.

Most of the fans criticism has fallen on the defense. They earned it. Their problems can be summed up on one play. During the Louisville game a redbird RB was running the ball on the sideline. A WVU DB came in to make a tackle. Head down, no wrap up, half assed attempt. The RB spun out and picked up a first down.  Blame the coaches, Blame the 3-3-5 whatever.

The offense is not without responsiblity by any means. First let me say Stats will tell you anything you want them to if you torture them long enough. Bottom line a holding call here, fumble there, offsides, missed block and a drive is stalled.  If you know your D is struggling you have to keep the drives alive and score more.

Special teams are horrific. Yeah, they are that bad. I just hope they can get them to be serviceable. No more to say about that.

Saturday at noon we may see the team we  expected to see all season. If we do Cincy will take a massive beatdown. If not it’s back to the Motivational blackboard for coach.  I think  the fellas will be ready hit somebody. Hard.

Let’s Gooooo!!!!!!!!!!!