“Must Win” Games and the 3-3-5


Coaches and Players will tell you every game is a Must Win.  There is truth in that. Fans will tell you that some games are more Must Win than others.  Louisville Saturday was one of those games.  We all know the story. Realignment circus, Senators squawking, message board wars, Lville talking trash saying they weren’t bringing people to the game because of our behavior, etc. It all added up to WVU fans wanting the team to take out a measure of revenge on the dang redbirds.  Somehow the team didn’t get that memo.

When the fans designate a game “must win” and the team loses, all kinds of havoc ensues.  In the case of the Mountaineers a familiar refrain is heard through out the mountains and hollows. “Fire Casteel!” ” scrap the 3-3-5!”   Before we go further let me say I support Coach Casteel. I am also a realist. If  Coach needs to go then so be it.  Just make damn sure it is for the right reasons.  Coach got the job done when Rod was here. The worst loss in WVU history and a lost chance at a National Championship the opponent score 13 frigging points. 13 points and a offensive guru could only manage 9. Coach got the job done when Stew was here. No way he goes 9-4 for 3 seasons without Coach Casteel with that anemic offense. He can get the job done now. Maybe.

Which brings me back to the right reasons to fire a guy. The reason the team lost that must win game is they were not ready to play 4 quarters of football.  The offense played about 2 1/2 qtrs. and the defense played about 1 1/2 qtrs. Louisville played the whole game fired up. Bouncing on the sidelines. We looked like we were studying for a psych final. We lost by 3 so there goes the lack of talent argument. We play good football the whole game we blow them out.  The truth is the Mountaineers have not played a entire game of good football all season. In any phase of the game.

What is causing this lack of intensity? Is there a problem in the locker room or coaching staff? Is it because the defensive staff are not Coach Holgorsen’s guys? If this is the case then by all means “Fire Casteel!”  When you bring in a new coach you have to give him the opportunity to have his own people around him. I hope things are not that complicated.  I hope the staff figures out how to get 60 minutes of football out of these players. I hope Coach channels his inner Mike Gundy and gets this team running out of the tunnel ready to slay a dragon.

Hope doesn’t win must win games. Fired up football teams do. Let’s get this fixed no matter what it takes.