Opinion: The Culture War


Mountaineer fans from all over the country have heard the national media bash WVU. We can’t win the Big East.. We can’t beat Oklahoma.. We can’t beat Georgia.. Rich Rod left WVU for Michigan and the program is doomed.. WVU doesn’t belong in the Big 12. But what happens when all this comes from West Virginia writers? What happens when they are against everything the leadership tries to do?

Over the last several weeks we’ve all read state papers who are against the move to the Big 12. We’ve read state writers who don’t even cover WVU, yet write about WVU everyday bash WVU. Yes, that’s you Chuck. I suggest you focus on 4-5 Marshall.

I guess the question is why? Why do writers feel the need to bash WVU, President Clements, and Director Luck? Have they lost all their sources? Are they mad because Coach Holgorsen closed practices? We all know they cried about it.. well, to be fair, most. Are they mad because he drinks water? Maybe it’s because he’s not from here? Or maybe he likes a packed stadium?

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not a country club anymore”.. I bet that burns those who used to have the inside track.

So this last night we all read another article wrote titled, ‘Problem at West Virginia is cultural.” .. Here are a few pieces of it.


Paper: This is about a leadership group of President Jim Clements and athletic director Oliver Luck taking West Virginia where it doesn’t belong, moving into places where it does not fit.

Paper: This is about an attitude that has permeated the entire athletic scene at West Virginia, an attitude that has everyone believing it is something it is not. It is not Texas or Oklahoma, not Michigan or Ohio State.

Paper: Athletics at West Virginia has come to be about building facilities instead of building teams. It is about television instead of education and money instead of victories.

Paper: It’s about fancy uniforms instead of fancy championship rings, and that is what’s wrong. We sing “Country Roads,” but we seem to be yearning for the glitter of the big-city lights.


I’ll stop there, because I think you get it. Does it get better, sure.. but no need to keep going.

Let me say that I agree. It’s all about culture, every bit of it.

I thought back to when I ran for council in the small town that I live. I remember when election time was going strong I would go door to door trying to sell my message. Most of the people I knew because it is a small town. I would always get a “Hey buddy”.. or “What’s new?”

The vast majority of the people that live in this town are older folks. I would say 70% are 60,70, 80 years old.

Point is, when I presented my message to the older folks, and wanted to bring a positive change, it freaked them out. They loved what I had to say until I wanted to make a positive change.

People are used to a comfort zone or comfort level. So in reality, it is about culture.. it’s all about culture and change. The establishment hates changes, and hates to adapt to new ideas and direction.

So it is about change. It’s about those who are unwilling to change, or won’t give change a chance because of culture.

Will WVU spend it’s entire exsistance in the Big 12? I doubt it.

Would the ACC or SEC fit be better for most? I would say so.

But I credit the WVU leadership for getting us out of a sinking ship now and seeing the direction the Big East was going. Clements and Luck have a vision, and the vision is very clear. These men have done said what they mean, and done what they’ve said.

So I’ll leave the rest up to you guys. There are some media members out there that “get it”, and don’t take shots at everything WVU does that they don’t like. You guys are smart. You know who writes positive, and who comes in negative.

Oh, I was elected by gaining the 3rd most votes. Not bad for a 29 year old (at the time).. sounds like WVU is winning too.

Keep this in mind…

”The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

You can figure out the rest.

As always, Let’s Go Mountaineers!