One on One: With Jordan Bishop


A few weeks back we had the opportunity to talk to Jordan Bishop who runs a site following the University of Texas. Jordan covers everything from athletics to recruiting for Longhorn fans. I had the opportunity to return the favor and talk to Jordan about Texas, the Big 12, and what WVU brings to the conference. Here is the Q&A I had with Jordan Bishop.

Jordan, first off thanks for taking the time and talking with me and giving WVU fans a perspective of the Big 12 and what we can look forward to.

HailWV: Let’s start off by talking about Texas. You guys currently sit at 5-2, and ranked 21st in the nation. Most program’s would be happy with that. What’s does this team need to do to finish strong and move back into Top 10 land?

UTSportsNews:Texas has to continue to run the ball with success. True Freshmen Malcolm Brown, has been a great spark to this offense with his ability to run thought tackles and pick up the extra yards after contact. The OL has been a huge improvement from 2010 where they were getting whipped in the trenches to where they are now doing the whipping. Texas does have a lack of a passing game through another True Freshman in David Ash but it’s going to take time for him to adjust and find his WR’s. Texas has always been known for a strong defense and that has continued this season even with the lack of experience in the secondary. Texas isn’t in the running for the National Title so the rest of this schedule is dedicated to getting better for next season and getting to a bowl game to get those extra practices. In my opinion, Texas has the pieces to the puzzle either on campus or coming in with this 2012 class and should be ready to make a run in the next 3 years. 2011 is a year for Texas where the rankings don’t matter. It only matters if you’re #1 at the end of the season and with 2 losses already it would take pure hell for the rest of the nation for Texas to win the National Title, so it’s time for Texas to keep their mind on their work at hand and continue to compete week in and week out.

HailWV: When I think of the Big 12, I think of Texas and Oklahoma. In recent years, Oklahoma State has working into the top 3 of the Big 12. With WVU coming in next season, where do you see WVU fitting?

UTSportsNews: Texas and OU had dominated what was known as the Big 12 south since the Big 12 began, winning 13 of the 15 Big 12 south champions and 10 Big 12 Championships. OSU has been a pesky team but never really a threat until this year. It will be interesting to see how OSU replaces Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden. WVU comes in to a spot where no one really knows how they will fair in the Big 12. WVU does have Dana Holgerson which means Big 12 teams will be familiar with the offense that the Mountaineers will have and they will know it’s built to score points. Big 12 is top heavy with Defense’s with OU and Texas always in the top 2 and it will really come down to how WVU adjust. Obviously the defense for WVU will have to improve and be able to make stops against a bunch of high powered Offense (OU, OSU, Tech, Texas.) unless they want to play the shootout games that the Big 12 sees on a weekly basis.

HailWV: We know the type of offense Dana Holgorsen brings to the table. How do you see that working again in the Big 12, and do you think a WVU/OSU could combine for 100?

UTSportsNews: If I was a betting man, I’d take the over on the WVU vs OSU game. Identical offenses that are built to score points quickly. Holgerson’s offense were successful at Tech and OSU so it’s foolish to think that would change. As long as Holgerson can find play makers that fit his system, which will be a little easier since he has many ties in Texas, WVU should be a team that opponents better be ready for because they should score and will give defense’s fits.

HailWV: WVU has received a warm welcome from all over Big 12 land. My twitter was filled with welcomes and fans who can’t wait to visit Morgantown. What is it like there with the announcement of WVU now official?

UTSportsNews: The Big 12 was sick and tied of Texas A&M. They were irreverent for the last 10 years and then all the sudden one winning season and they think they have taken over was pure stupidity. I get that they want to get out of Texas’ shadow but just the way they went about it made it seem like they wanted to try and sabotage the conference and leave Texas in a bad situation. With the addition of TCU and WVU almost everyone feels the Big 12 is in a much better position with higher quality teams. Even if Missouri does make the move to the SEC I think what TCU and WVU bring out weights what is lost with A&M and Mizzou.

HailWV: Tell me a little about Foswhitt Whittaker? Kid is exciting to watch.

UTSportsNews: Fozzy Whittaker is a great athlete and even better guy. He’s very humble, a great team leader and mentor to everyone on this team. It’s been a rough career for Fozzy as he has suffered injuries every year since he stepped on campus. Concussions, Stingers, strains,ect. He could of been a kid who stopped working and gotten down on his situation but he has never done that. Whittaker has worked extremely hard to be the guy and unfortunately Malcolm Brown has just been to good to take the ball out of his hands to much, but Fozzy works hard enough and provides enough of a spark that OC Bryan Harsin has no choice but to find ways for Fozzy to be involved in the game plan each week.

HailWV: Give me a prediction. Where does WVU finish year 1, and what Bowl game.

UTSportsNews: Like I asked you, would you be surprised if WVU won the Big 12 their first year in it? Thats a possibility and it depend on two things… 1. Does WVU have Smith and Austin coming back for their SR season? 2. What WVU’s schedule looks like. If WVU can draw OU and either Texas or OSU at home it could be really interesting to see how the Mountaineers fair in their first season in the Big 12. OU will lose Ryan Broyles and Travis Lewis, Jamell Fleming, Frank Alexander and possibly 3-4 JR’s. OSU loses Weeden and Blackmon. Texas loses Kheeston Randall, Blake Gideon, Emmanuel Acho and Keenan Robinson. So the top dogs of the Big 12 will have some key positions to find players to step up and fill some big shoes. I think just matching up teams WVU could go go anywhere between 6-3 and 8-1 in Big 12 play. Will defiantly have a better feel for the full result once the schedule is released. Bowl game could be Alamo Bowl or Cotton Bowl.

I look forward to the WVU vs Big 12 match ups not only on the football field but on the Basketball court as well and hope we see y’all next season and not have a delay because the Big East thinks the same contract should apply after Pitt and Syracuse left which does significantly weaken the conference that had lost VT, Miami and BC in the mid 2000’s.

We would like to thank Jordan Bishop for taking his time out to talk with us today. You can follow Jordan on twitter @JB_UTSN. You can also check out his work at

Don’t forget the Mountaineers face Louisville at noon tomorrow at Milan Puskar Stadium. The game will be shown as the Big East Game of the Week.

Let’s Go Mountaineers and Welcome to the Big 12!