Game preview: Loserville


This Saturday, noon ET, on the Big Least Network, WVU hosts the Loserville Cardinals.

Apparently, Louisville has taken “salty” and “being bitter” about being shunned by the Big 12 (a real conference) to a whole new level… even after Mitch McConnell did some 11th hour lobbying on Loserville’s behalf. Meanwhile, the Loserville “faithful” has taken to the message boards, blogs and Twitter to smear WVU fans. It got topped by the (rumor that) University of Loserville themselves deciding not to send their cheerleaders and mascot to Morgantown for fear of their safety, however, that has since changed and they will be coming up.

While I’m not advocating “play nice” with those Tardinal morons, I would like to request that all WVU fans “keep calm and carry on.”

The WVU/Loserville matchup all-time record, brought to you by the great folks at…

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I meant it when I said “all the fun”, too…

Jeremy aka @SlangBus (who also wrote Fast Facts about Louisville on Wednesday.)

"Louisville may have a very average football team, a decent basketball team, and an ambitious Athletic Director, but holy crap are they the National Butthurt Champs. Here’s the thing about this whole Big 12 mess, if they had simply shut the f-ck up and waited their turn, I’m sure most WVU fans would’ve been happy to see them join the new Big 12. But, like a guy at the gangbang (feel free to insert as many dashes as you would like in there) who thinks he doesn’t have to share the Pitt co-ed, they couldn’t wait and now they’ve woken up with 2 black eyes and a sore ass.Also, Brian Brohm was a system QB. 42-17"

Dwayne aka @ImTheSportsDude (who also has his weekly edition of No Huddle Numerology up)

"WVU 72, Louisville 17"

Jerry aka @TheDeuceWVU

"Louisville and freshman quarterback Teddy Bridgewater fly into Morgantown this weekend for another Big East showdown. UofL is coming in (4-4, 2-1) and has lost to Cincinnati, UNC, FIU, and Marshall. Not to mention the Cards were passed over this week by the Big 12 for WVU, but most aren’t sure the Cards was even close. The fans for UofL have taken to the message boards calling WVU and its fans everything in the book.UofL comes into the game ranked 80th in the nation in passing, and 92nd in rushing. Sure, Bridgewater has thrown for 1,026yds and 7 TD, but he’s also has 6 INTs and doesn’t thrown a ball well down field. Victor Anderson gets all the attention in the run game, but Jeremy Wright leads the Cards in rushing with 303 yds. Michalee Harris returns as the top reciever. Harris has 26 catches on the year for 356 yds and 2 TD.The Mountaineers return home after a loss on the road to Syracuse, and a nasty game at Rutgers. The weather will be beautiful, and the house should be packed (Students or not).Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey have a huge game and the Mountaineers get rolling in the 2nd quarter.WVU rolls to 7-2 with a huge game next weekend at CincinnatiWVU 38 UofL 17"

Jim, Lead Editor @HailWV

"Honestly, I never thought this matchup would have seen this much heat since 2005-2007. After Petrino and Rodriguez left both teams, it died with Kragthorpe and Gomer coaching these teams, although to Gomer’s credit, he did go undefeated against Loserville.Earlier in the week, a friend mentioned to me that Teddy Bridgewater and Geno Smith competed against each other in high school with Geno at Miramar and Bridgewater at Northwestern (in Miami.) I tried to look for the stats for the years they were at their respective high schools for past scores, but couldn’t find them. Oh well, I’m just going to assume Geno dominated Bridgewater, like he and his boys Stedman Bailey and Ivan McCartney will do on Saturday against Loserville.WVU- 41Loserville- 17"