What Now?


In what was suppost to be a great day in the history of West Virginia University, fans of the gold and blue are again today wondering what happened. News broke yesterday on social media outlets, message boards, and ESPN that WVU was bound for the BigXII, and a news conference was scheduled for this afternoon. So what happened? We’ll do our best to break it down.

News broke early yesterday afternoon that WVU was leaving the Big East and heading west. No, it wasn’t the SEC or ACC, but it was getting away from a conference that appears to be drowning slowly. WVU has long been considered the flagship school to the Big East, the savior, the one team that could carry the flag, and possibly keep the BCS bid.

Fans all over the state had their bags packed with excitement and ready to move on. Then news came of a press conference scheduled for this afternoon confirming the news, West Virginia to the BigXII.

Then, something happened. Something went wrong. Just after 9pm last night, WVU sent this communication out:

“Contrary to media reports, there is no press conference scheduled for Wednesday concerning WVU’s athletic conference affiliation. There are no further comments at this time.”

In what was said to be a “done deal” just hours earlier, wasn’t done yesterday evening.

Today we woke to the news that Louisville was in the running for the spot, and had overtaken WVU. News broke that this had turned political, and Kentucky senators had gotten involved. Word this afternoon was that both Oklahoma and Texas Tech had flipped. We also heard it was “50/50” and “too close to call”. Spoken like a true political race.

Know this. Oklahoma likes UofL, and Texas likes the Mountaineers. Both seem to have their own vision and agenda.

If anyone didn’t believe this is a business, you shouldn’t need convinced now. But what does UofL really want?

We’ve all heard the talk of the BigXII going to 12 teams once Missouri makes a decision. The teams you heard the most were WVU, UofL, Cincinnati, and BYU. Reports a few weeks back kicked BYU out of it, so they left the three remaining Big East schools.

Adding UofL and UC would make travel easy for WVU fans, and would likely kill the Big East. Does the BigXII want that right now? Some say yes, others say no, not right now. Could Missouri stay in the BigXII?

The reality is WVU will have a chance to showcase itself again to BigXII officials. I wouldn’t want anyone else selling WVU than Director Luck, and President Clements.

In the end, could the BigXII add both WVU and UofL?

As hard as it is for WVU fans, the waiting game continues… but it won’t be long before Senator Manchin is heard.

Don’t forget, WVU travels to Rutgers this Saturday at 3:30. Game will be televised by ABC.