WVU to Big 12 picking up steam


So, it would seem that on a weekend that WVU was completely whipped by Syracuse, that the weekend wasn’t going to get better for the Mountaineer faithful.

Apparently, that’s not what’s happening. A couple of reports are out today stating: 1) WVU to the Big 12 is REALLY picking up some major steam and 2) Missouri is set to leave the Big 12 on Monday.

A report from the Austin (TX) Statesman says that WVU is likely the next candidate for the Big 12 (or as Twitter has been calling it, the #BigXIIHouseParty)

"Two high-level Big 12 school administrators said on Sunday the conference expects Missouri to leave and will act quickly to replace the Tigers, focusing primarily on West Virginia with Louisville as a strong second candidate.“I think that’s accurate,” one school official told the American-Statesman. “I’d say West Virginia is the leader in the clubhouse. I think we’ll come out better than before. I’d rather be with someone who wants to be with our conference than anybody who doesn’t.”Asked why the Big 12 would be upgraded, the official said, “West Virginia has better football than Missouri, better basketball than Missouri, a better budget than Missouri and more passion among its fans than Missouri. They’re better, anyway you turn ‘em. The travel’s not good (to Morgantown, W. Va) but that’s it.”He added there is support for Louisville, but said a lagging football program hurts its appeal."

So, it looks like it could be WVU, followed by Louisville and either BYU or Cincinnati. However, whispers are that BYU was rejected by the Big 12 because of their “culture.” Hmm…. If the Big 12 lands WVU, Louisville, and Cincinnati, they expand their reach eastward and have a nice 3-state bloc to make travel somewhat easier for the new guys.

OK, so there’s that. Things seem to be looking up for WVU. Onto report number 2, from PowerMizzou (barf time) saying that they are FINALLY leaving the Big 12 and will be placed in the SEC East, where they still won’t win diddly squat.

"On Friday afternoon, Missouri officials announced that Chancellor Brady Deaton had been authorized to make decisions regarding the University’s conference affiliation. Multiple sources have told PowerMizzou.com the first major decision from Deaton should come in the next 24 hours.Three separate sources have told PowerMizzou.com Deaton is expected to inform the Big 12 Conference that Missouri will conditionally withdraw from the league on Monday.There is a Big 12 Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Monday in Dallas."

So, there you have it, folks. Mizzou to SEC, WVU to Big 12. However, please note that I am not reporting any actual happenings… just what I believe is information that could soon become a reality. If/when WVU exits the Big East, the conference will be down to 5 football playing members, but that could be down to 3 if Louisville and Cincinnati also follow WVU to the Big 12.

Tomorrow, I will have a report on how WVU will stack up against the (soon to be) 9 remaining members of the Big 12.

Stay tuned, this is going to get awesome!