REPORT: ESPN helped ACC pillage Big East (again.)


This morning, I woke up feeling rather good about yesterday’s win. Offense did well, as always. Defense had a nice performance, and the team finally found a punter not named Corey Smith.

Anyway, after I got on my computer, I was surfing the web, checking e-mail, and hit up Twitter. Lo and behold, I find and read a story from The Boston Globe that made me absolutely sick to my stomach.

It turns out that ESPN was the one directing the ACC on which teams to take from the (soon to be defunct) Big East Conference.

From the BAHSTAN GLOBE… OWAH PAPAH IS BETTAH THAN YOURAH PAPER!!! NOBODY DENIES THIS! Anyway, Boston College’s Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo made a rather damning comment in this article, and should blow the lid off of more corruption and puppet string-pulling by ESPN. (#FireCraigJames)

"“We always keep our television partners close to us,’’ he said. “You don’t get extra money for basketball. It’s 85 percent football money. TV – ESPN – is the one who told us what to do. This was football; it had nothing to do with basketball.’’"

Unbelievable. So, let me get something straight, ESPN was conducting the 2nd ACC raid on the Big East!? Simply despicable. If you also look at that article from the beginning, you’ll see that the ACC originally wanted Syracuse and Connecticut. But, Boston College blocked UConn, saying they wanted to be the only New England team. Instead, the ACC got Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Hey, BC, you all have fallen off the face of the earth ever since you all went to the ACC. Try being the team in Boston first (behind the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sawx) then aim for Massachusetts, then you all can eventually set your sights on the New England region.

Remember, folks, this is the same ESPN that was responsible for the firing of former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach because of that (alleged) hooker-killing cretin Craig James and his wimp of a son Adam James… and this is the same Craig James that works for the same ESPN that was responsible for Bruce Feldman’s departure from ESPN because of Leach’s book “Swing your Sword.” This same network is also responsible for the recent instability of the Big 12 with Texas and their stupid Longhorn Network (with Colorado, Nebraska and now Texas A&M leaving town.)

It’s a damn shame that ESPN has a monopoly on the sports world… they (and their family of networks) show nearly all of the bowl games (minus the Cotton Bowl on FOX) and now they determine and dictate who’s going to which conference.

It wouldn’t surprise me if ESPN was also pulling the strings with the SEC on who they should take into the conference.

Stay tuned, folks. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the Big East schools start to call some lawyers to sue the ACC and/or ESPN.