Bad WVU fans! No beer for you!


When we last left our favorite meth head Cheap Suit Chucky, he was having a boner over WVU potentially being left out in the Conference Realignment Cold.

This week, our favorite Scribe in a Cheap Suit (or whatever that god-awful outfit he’s wearing in today’s picture) says WVU fans are just so bad. Are we? Possibly. He says we’re the worst in the nation. Are we? I highly doubt it. Marshall… they’re bad and possibly the worst in the nation. Read on!

Chuck Landon: Conduct of WVU fans worst in the nation

Wait for it.

Five, four, three, two, one. …
Wait for yet another sh*tty article written by everyone’s favorite meth-snortin, mullet-wearin, cheap suit-buyin wannabe pimp sports “writer” Chuck Landon!

At this very moment, somewhere in America a West Virginia University apologist is claiming all fans are as rowdy, bawdy, undisciplined, unmannerly, obnoxious, obtrusive, malicious, malcontented, despicable and, yes, sometimes dangerous as the Mountaineer fan base.

That simply isn’t true.
Say what?

Also at this very moment, somewhere in America a WVU apologist is lamenting that 95 percent of Mountaineer supporters welcome opposing fans with warm hospitality, while the other 5 percent are giving all WVU followers a bad reputation.

That is true.
Wait, Landon is actually saying GOOD THINGS about WVU fans?

It simply doesn’t matter.
There’s the punchline. The audience isn’t laughing, Chuck.

Five percent of the 62,056 fans who attended WVU’s 47-21 loss to LSU Saturday night in Morgantown would be 3,103 rabid fans running amuck.
Oooh, loogit, Chucky can do math! Hey, Chuck, count how many fingers that Kenny Powers is holding up…

That’s a mob.
Which is still more people than go to Marshall football games at “The Joan.” Haha what a stadium name, “The Joan.”

But it only took three of them to give WVU a national black eye that won’t heal and a coast-to-coast scarlet letter that’s indelible.
Oh boy, here he f**king goes again, saying we have a black eye and a scarlet letter like we’re some kind of hooker or something. (I’ve confirmed that Chuck Landon does in fact pay cheap hookers.)

Just ask an LSU fan from Pittsburgh named Marcus Mason. When he regains consciousness, that is.
Yeah, you assclown, too bad the dude was conscious on Tuesday when he got home. Idiot!

Mason and his wife, Hannah, along with another couple in their traveling party were assaulted late Saturday night in Morgantown, while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the Purple Lot. Mason was beaten so severely, he was moved to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for surgery to repair injuries that included a fractured frontal bone in the middle of his forehead, a crushed eye socket and a broken nose.

She said she’s disturbed some are blaming her husband’s attack on WVU’s rivalry with LSU.

“These guys were looking for a fight. It didn’t matter who we were,” she said. “I really don’t like this craziness. There’s a big enough fight between WVU and LSU.”

His wife, who is 22 weeks pregnant, was knocked down and received bruises on her arms, legs and shoulders.

This entire incident is unconscionable.
Just like your “journalism” career.

When it is actually dangerous to attend a college football game, that’s a clear indication of a fan base gone seriously awry.
Only because assholes like you continue to stir the pot, Landon.

That isn’t just WVU’s reputation, now it’s a fact.
One game, a few fans, and now, “ALL WVU FANZ R DANJURUS!!! STEAR CLEER!!!!11111”

No amount of claims by apologists can contradict that. Actually, they never could. The denials always rang as hollow as the morality on aptly named High Street.
Oh yeah, and like Huntington, KY/Marshall is a Puritan Paradise… lest we forget the high crime rate in that area, chock full of muggings, hold-ups and drugs.

I know.
I know, Chuck. I know you most likely weren’t loved as a kid. I know that you consider a 2-word sentence fragment as a paragraph. I also know that when you attended South Charleston High School, you were nothing more than an ass-kissing, tennis-racket swinging sissy! (Nothing against those that actually play tennis well… just bear with me.)

I have covered games all over the country and never ever witnessed fan behavior as deplorable as the conduct in Morgantown.

The list includes games at the University of Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Miami (Fla.), Penn State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Clemson, Michigan State, Kansas State, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, University of Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Louisville, South Florida, Boston College, Cincinnati and Navy.
We get it, you were able to travel on the Daily Mail and Herald Dispatch’s dime. Do they know about all those tranny hookers you bought, Chuck? Oh yes, he has a thing for the ladyboys.

In all those many, many venues, I never encountered fan behavior anywhere near the level of misconduct that has become the norm at WVU home games.
Only when you show up.

It simply doesn’t happen on such a regular basis anywhere else than Morgantown.
So, is Chuck in Morgantown on a regular basis? And, by regular basis, I don’t mean once every year or every 2 years.

What is even worse is the WVU miscreants actually take pride in their misbehavior. They hurl obscenities. They sport profane T-shirts. They throw batteries, coins and beer bottles during games. They print and wear demeaning T-shirts, such as one emblazoned with the outline of the state of Louisiana and the words “Relying On FEMA Since 2005.”
$10,000 bounty on Chuck Landon! But, the FEMA shirt was pretty funny.

That reference to Hurricane Katrina is incredibly crass, crude and insensitive even by their bottom of the barrel standards.
Chuck Landon: incredibly crass, crude and insensitive even by his below the barrel standards.

Now, add assault to the resume.
Only when you add “asshole” to yours.

How much worse does it have to get before WVU president James Clements gets involved? And just exactly what can he do? How does someone stop a mad dog from foaming at the mouth?
Wait, now you’re comparing us to rabid dogs, Cheap Suit Chuck? Surely, you jest!

Those are tough questions.
How do you stop a Landon from writing? Simple, cut his hands off.

Now, there needs to be some tough answers.