Game preview: LSU


This is the moment many of us have been waiting for since it was released several years ago: LSU is coming to Morgantown.

The eyes of America will be on Morgantown for many reasons:

1) Dana Holgorsen’s offense will be in the spotlight

2) Is WVU “SEC worthy?”

3) LSU-WVU is going to be a hell of an atmosphere

4) Will Les Miles find something else to eat on the sidelines of Mountaineer Field because the playing surface is turf?

5) Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr is singing the National Anthem before the game.

After the jump is the Staff Roundtable on Saturday’s game.

Dwayne aka The Sports Dude

Upset special…WVU 27, LSU 24.

For more analysis from Dwayne, check out his “No Huddle Numerology” segment for the LSU game.

Jeremy aka Slangbus

LSU is going to try to come into Morgantown and beat WVU up. It’s an obvious gameplan. For WVU to win this game they need to get out ahead early and force LSU to throw it. I also think one of the WVU RB’s doesn’t necessarily need a big game, but just one of those big- 50 yard plus Noel Devine-type runs. Also if you look at the schedules these teams played, LSU’s early ”peak” was game #1 vs Oregon. WVU is just another ranked opponent to them, while WVU’s schedule and chances at a high ranking are built around Saturday. In the end I think WVU exposes Jarrett Lee and a weak LSU passing game, while Holgorsen will ditch an unsuccessful run game early in favor for 50+ pass attempts for Geno.

WVU 35-LSU 14.

Jerry aka The Deuce

What can you say about LSU. They look like a NFL team out on the defensive side of the ball. The offensive side, not so much. LSU is big, nasty, fast, and they fly to the ball. They hang their hat on the D, and run the clock down as the game goes on. LSU likes to run the football with power at the defense, and make safe passes to it’s talented receivers.

The Mountaineer defensive front will need to play with a mean steak and get nasty. Linebackers will be in play, but then play action will be in play for LSU. WVU receivers will need to get off the line of scrimmage and get off blocks. The LSU secondary is tall, fast, cocky, and like to play one on one.

Let’s face it, LSU hasn’t faced a offense like WVU.. and WVU hasn’t faced a defense like LSU. Keep in mind the Mountaineers lost last season 20-14 on the road, in a game WVU could have won.

This game will easily come down to the 4th. Can the offensive line continue it’s improved play? Can the WVU WR get off the tight hand coverage of the LSU secondary? Can LSU score? It’s a night game in Morgantown and we all know crazy things can happen at night.


WVU 23

LSU 20 – OT

Jim, the Lead Editor

I can promise you this, I am way too excited to type a lot of meaningful analysis and preview mumbo-jumbo. As this is posting, I am on the road to Morgantown to stake out my spot for Gameday, with signs in hand. I made an appearance on Wednesday on Tyler Cupp’s “ESPN The Zone” show based in Columbia, SC and gave my take on the game, conference realignment, and Commissioner Marinatto. But, enough yapping, here’s my score prediction:

WVU- 27, LSU- 21

By the way, a little somethin for LSU…